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Are Tea Bags Good For Houseplants & Garden? (6 Ways To Use)


Even if we prefer loose tea to stay in the zero waste, we sometimes sip a tea or a good hot herbal tea in bag. Good for the body and mind, tea is also beneficial for the plants in the garden.


Indeed, tea bags have unsuspected virtues in gardening! So, don’t throw them in the garbage and reuse them. This will make you a responsible gardener while doing good to your wallet.


Are tea bags good for plants?

Used tea bags (like coffee grounds) keep insects away from plants. The smell also deters unwanted insects from nibbling on flowers and vegetables. They are therefore interesting to use indoors, to avoid attracting bad insects!


6 reasons to use tea bags for gardening

1. Reduce waste

Burying used tea bags in the garden also reduces waste. In addition, tea bags provide nutrients to plants that are not found in the soil. The tannin in the tea leaves acts as a natural fertilizer for the soil. In addition, the fibers that make up the bag come from the abaca, a species of banana tree, and will also provide good nutrients to the soil.


The tea degrades particularly quickly, which will create a healthy environment for the entire garden. Another benefit of tea bags is water retention. So feel free to bury them near the roots. The tea bags will retain water in their fibers, but also in the tea leaves during watering or rain. Thus, they will supply water to the roots which tend to dry out during high temperatures.


2. Against garden pests

The repellent action of tea bags is not limited to the garden. On the contrary, it can be used in all corners of the house. Mice in particular do not like the smell of tea. To scare them away, place pre-dried tea bags in the places where they usually wander. They won’t come back. This tip is equally valid for insects such as ants and spiders.


However, to obtain satisfactory results, it is advisable to add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the sachets. Then place them in the most infested areas of the house. The insects will not like it and will prefer to go outside the house, and without the use of chemicals.


3. Weed control

Weed control is another benefit of having a tea bag buried in the ground. In fact, thanks to the properties of the tea and the natural materials in the bag, you will notice far fewer weeds in your garden.


You can also put the tea bags in the compost. The acidic components in the tea leaves will speed up the decomposition process. This will make the compost available more quickly to feed your plants more regularly.


4. Making compost

Brewed tea bags can be reused as a natural fertilizer for plants. Simply remove the label and staple from the bag, then drop the bag directly into the planting soil. Then water generously. If the bag is not made entirely of natural materials, it is advisable to remove it and use the tea only. The tea provides the nutrients necessary for good plant growth and can perfectly replace chemical fertilizers. Plants and gardeners will surely prefer this organic fertilizer!


5. Use as a plant moisturizer

We just saw that brewed tea bags can have a beneficial use in the garden. In addition to being nourished and protected, plants can also be hydrated for a long time with these. The trick is to place the bags in the ground and water thoroughly. When the bags receive water, they start to swell.


This allows the bags to retain water and keep the soil moist longer than with regular watering. With this technique, it is possible to space out the watering. This is particularly useful when you need to be away from home, for example during the vacations. At the same time, the plants are nourished and protected against insects. A really clever recycling technique!


6. To deodorize

Apart from the garden, infused tea bags are also very useful in the home. By capturing bad odors, they can be used to sanitize certain areas of the house. They can be placed almost anywhere, such as in the cat’s litter box or next to the garbage can. The same goes for the refrigerator or shoe storage: placing a tea bag inside will eliminate unwanted odors.



Ending the day with a hot cup of tea is a great way to decompress. Once their cup is empty, most people throw away the used tea bag without question. After all, what else could they do with it?

Well, it turns out that used tea bags can still be used for many things, especially in the garden.

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