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7 Facts on Strawberries (Detailed List)


The strawberry is the star fruit of the summer. How to choose your strawberries? What is the right season? What are its varieties? What about its production? What are its nutritional benefits? We explain it all to you!


Do strawberries grow on a tree?

A complex fruit, the strawberry is, in fact, the receptacle of the flower, which became fleshy after fertilization. The seeds (achenes) are visible around the fruit. Sometimes they germinate; then, small leaves grow on the strawberry.


The strawberry does not grow on a tree, but on the ground, as a stalk.


When do strawberries grow?

The strawberry season in the field starts at the end of April with the arrival of spring and ends in mid-June. To eat strawberries that taste good, choose strawberries that have grown in the field, locally grown and in season.


Are strawberry plants perennials?

The strawberry plant, from the Rosaceae family, is a perennial that can be used as a border and ground cover to decorate beds. Depending on the variety, flowering begins in April with small white flowers, sometimes pink, more or less bright.


Which plants should be associated with strawberry plants?

Garlic, spinach, white beans, lettuce, onions, leeks are good crops to associate with strawberry plants. On the other hand, keep cabbages away from strawberry plants.

Strawberry plants can be planted in pots but you will have to feed them with fertilizer because the plant is greedy.


How to protect strawberry plants from birds?

You can create a greenhouse to protect your strawberries from birds with the help of hoops and cover them with anti-bird netting. The assembly of a tunnel is very simple. You just have to plant your hoops and cover them with the net chosen according to the predators in your garden with the help of a clip!


How to protect strawberry plants in winter?

Plants in the ground cannot simply be moved around like they can when they are in pots. So how do you protect strawberry plants in the ground in winter?


The attention you paid to their planting a few months ago is in itself an anticipation of their winter protection:

Strawberry plants do well in the sun, or even half-shade in the warmest regions. Without the foliage of the trees, it is likely that they will benefit in winter from a sunny exposure, which will bring them a minimum of heat.

You will have placed them in an area sheltered from strong winds, which is wise at all times because the wind tends to dry out the foliage. And even more judicious in winter because it intensifies the cold.

As they are very afraid of stagnant humidity at their foot, you will have taken care to install them on a mound in case your soil is not draining enough. So even a very wet winter will not disturb them.


But of course there are other things to do to protect your strawberry plants. And the most important thing is to take care of them so that they are in good shape for the winter, the best guarantee for a winter without breakage!


At the end of the fall, you will have to clean the strawberry beds by first pruning any runners that you might have left on the plants. You will also remove all dead, damaged or unhealthy leaves. Indeed, many diseases due to fungi remain on the leaves and end up on the ground where the pathogens spend the winter before starting again when the conditions are again favorable.


How to protect strawberry plants from weeds?

Mulch cloth is the most economical and effective weed control solution. Installing a plastic mulch sheet requires additional thought than simply laying organic mulch. It avoids enema phenomena and prevents fruit rot.

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