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New Flamme Verte Label 2023: What Every Property Owner Should Know


Ecology obliges, residents of certain municipalities heating with wood must equip themselves with new Flamme Verte labeled devices since April 1, 2023. Are you affected?


    The Flamme Verte Label, what is it?

    In the year 2000, ADEME (the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) created the Flamme Verte Label. Managed by the Syndicat des Énergies Renouvelables, its goal is to encourage the production and purchase of ecological wood heating devices, efficient in terms of performance and low in pollution.


    To achieve this, ADEME has established demanding quality standards for manufacturers. Since April 1, 2023, certain French municipalities require individuals heating with wood to equip themselves with new Flamme Verte labeled devices in order to improve air quality for everyone.

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    Its effectiveness

    The new technologies integrated into Flamme Verte labeled wood heating devices increase their efficiency by a minimum of 30%, and allow for a 10-fold reduction in greenhouse gas and particle emissions.

    Innovations that enable individuals to save money while protecting the environment.

    Who is affected?

    Currently, one million residents are geographically affected by the Flamme Verte Label requirement.

    This includes residents of Lyon and its metropolitan area, and parts of Isère (Grenoble and its metropolitan area, Vals du Dauphiné, Grésivaudan, Pays voironnais, Trièves, Saint-Marcellin en Vercors, Bièvre Est, Bièvre Isère, Entre Bièvre et Rhône, and Vienne Condrieu).

    This requirement will continue to expand in France to limit air pollution. Stay informed about these developments if you heat with wood!

    Regarding equipment, this requirement applies to:

    • Enclosed fireplaces and inserts
    • Wood stoves
    • Cookers
    • Domestic boilers

    The energy efficiency of these devices, according to ISO 170205 standards, must be equal to or greater than 75%, and the carbon monoxide emission rate must be equal to or less than 12%, as indicated by the Flamme Verte label.


    The purchase and installation of a new wood heating device involves expenses, which can be subsidized under certain income conditions.

    It must be carried out by a Recognized Guarantor of the Environment (RGE) professional, and may entitle you to:

    • An interest-free eco-loan
    • A reduced VAT rate of 5.5%
    • A renovation grant
    • An energy grant
    • The Air-Bois fund (offered by some local authorities)
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