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How Big Do Succulents Grow Indoors ? (+ How To Care For Them)


Generally, succulents that grow indoors, once they reach adulthood, range from 6 inches to 12 feet tall.

As you can see, the size of succulent plants varies greatly depending on their varieties, so we have compiled a list of the most popular succulent plants and their average size at adulthood.


zebra plant1
Zebra Plant
Up to 6 inches
Sansevieria zeylanica Snake Plant 21x80cm 2177ff2d 2527 480c b9fe
Snake Plant
Up to 12 feet
56887 echeveria spezial p12 cm 56887 4
Up to 12 inches
aloe vera plante en pot aloe 0653978 PE708207 S5
Aloe Vera
Up to 24 inches
Up to 24 inches

Burro’s Tail
Up to 24 inches
foxtail agave agave attenuata plants online in dubai uae e2021cf6 4125 43d0 b799 ef1b989e7593 grande
Foxtail Agave
Up to 5 feet tall and 8 feet wide
BlueChalkSticks Seneciomandraliscae2 5
Blue Chalk Sticks
Up to 24 niches
Portulaca Grandiflora
Up to 8 inches tall and 24 inches wide
Crassula ovata Sunset Jade Plant
Crassula Ovata
Up to 6 feet


Do succulents grow well indoors ?

Succulents are plants that have adapted to arid conditions by storing water, the “juice”, in their leaves, roots or stems. For this reason, succulents grow very well indoors, and on top of that, do not require much maintenance.


Winter is the ideal time to take care of indoor plants. Most of them are dormant and it is a good time to repot them. Besides their variety and originality, the interest of succulents is that they require almost no care.


They do not need fertilizer, pruning or repotting, and watering is minimal, once a month. It is then advisable to basinate them, by plunging their perforated pot in a container filled with water for a few hours, then to let it drain.


In a cold climate, plant the succulents along a wall to protect them from low temperatures and cold winds.

Where to place succulent plants ?

The succulents come from warm and sunny countries. They are therefore not afraid of heat and are particularly looking for brightness. They should be placed in as much sunlight as possible. Ideally therefore near a well exposed window.


Take care to turn their pot regularly so that the totality of the plant is under the rays of the sun and that it develops harmoniously. 

On the other hand, succulent plants spend some time in garden centres where they are often little exposed to the sun. It will thus be necessary to accustom them to it little by little so that they do not “burn” because of a first exposure to the sun too prolonged.




How to care for succulents indoors ?

In addition to their variety and originality, the interest of succulents is that they require almost no care. They do not need fertilizer, pruning or repotting. As far as watering is concerned, it is necessary to water your succulents as soon as the soil is dry, especially in summer. In winter, the plants rest, a watering once a month will suffice.


However, you must adapt your watering frequency to the temperature and humidity level of your region! The only condition for their success: light. Don’t hesitate to place them near a window and, in the summer, to take them out in the garden.


For maintenance, simply spray a little water on the leaves to remove dust. Some succulents may need relief from their “dead” leaves. Therefore, do not hesitate to remove them gently, so that the plant can continue to grow.


How to transplant succulents ?

It is preferable to carry out its cuttings at the end of spring or at the beginning of the summer, when it is hot enough without being in full heat wave.


First, choose a potting soil specially formulated for cacti and succulents. This type of mix contains sand, which adds weight to the pot, and provides good aeration, which promotes root health.


Next, choose a pot with a drainage hole, slightly larger than the old one. Fill one third to one half of the new pot with cactus mix.


Fat plants are very easy to cut, since you only need to take a piece of stem or leaf and replant it. The process of cutting varies very little from one variety of succulent to another.


Next, water your succulent, but not excessively. Just slightly moisten the mixture. Too much moisture could lead to the development of root diseases.



Easy plants, ranging from 6 inches to 12 feet tall at adulthood, succulents are decorative, hardy and undemanding. How to combine and maintain them easily in the house or garden. It’s simple! The succulents are content with small containers, light and little water. They quickly form generous pots or original carpets in the rocks. What’s more, these succulent plants are easy to cut.

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