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How to get rid of Ants in Garden without Killing Plants? (Solved)


In the garden, ants feed on insect pests such as caterpillars and protect against aphids, spiders or worms. However, when they become invasive, it is best to eradicate them.


The best way to get rid of ants without killing the surrounding plants is not to use insecticides, and therefore to favor natural methods.


The best prevention: control aphids

Since aphids inevitably attract ants, take action against them before you see colonies of ants set up, which in turn will support aphid colonies. Soapy water is your best bet in the fight against aphids, even in the orchard, when your trees are invaded by these undesirables.


Why eliminate ants?

Ants are fond of sugar. Since aphids and mealy bugs feed on sap that they secrete in the form of very sweet honeydew, ants help them produce it.


By rubbing against these insects, they accelerate the production of honeydew. They also protect aphids and mealy bugs by hiding them from their predators.


11 natural ways to get rid of ants without killing plants

Ants have a nasty habit of moving around in numbers and it’s not always easy to get rid of these little insects that colonize your garden or vegetable patch in no time.


If you don’t want to use the chemical products sold in the shops, you should know that there are many natural repellent solutions to make them go away. Here are 11 of them.


1 – Coffee grounds

Put coffee grounds at the bottom of walls, on the floor or on saucers. Its acidity will prevent ants from entering your home.

Coffee grounds have many other uses.


2 – Chalk

Simply draw a large line with chalk on your balcony or windowsill. The ants will no longer enter, the line will act as a barrier.


3 – Lemon

Cut slices of lemon and place them near the entry point. The acidity of the lemon will scare the ants away.


4 – Lavender

If the smell of lavender is something we enjoy, the same cannot be said for ants. So place branches or small bags of lavender in places where they usually go. You can also spray lavender essential oil in your home.


5 – Cinnamon

The principle is the same as for lavender, the smell of cinnamon scares away ants. Simply place cinnamon sticks in strategic locations.


6 – Baking soda

Baking soda is almost a magic powder! A true ally in the home, you can use it for many purposes. Here, to chase away ants, mix the powder with a little dishwashing liquid to form a small paste. Then sprinkle it in front of ant entry points.


7 – White Vinegar

Simply spray white vinegar, pure or diluted in water, at the points of entry of the ants.


8 – Peppermint

Use peppermint as an essential oil that you spray in your home. In addition to smelling great, you will keep ants away from your home.


9 – Corn or oatmeal

Cornmeal or oatmeal are not at all toxic (unlike essential oils, which should not be abused). This method is therefore particularly practical if you have children or pets. Simply sprinkle it on the place where the ants are.


10 – Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth (microscopic algae) is an ecological and natural insecticide. It is very effective against ants and other insects. Simply sprinkle it in corners, cracks, basement and windows.


11 – Basil leaves

The strong smell of basil and other aromatic herbs, will easily dislodge ants, just drop the leaves at strategic points. This is also an opportunity to create your own herb garden on the balcony or terrace.

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