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Is Pasta Water Good For Plants? (Quick Read)


Cook pasta or potatoes to weed your garden? You can do it. Just let the water cool and pour it on the garden paths or directly on the weeds.


But the cooking water can also be used as a fertilizer for your outdoor and indoor plants. In addition to environmentally friendly watering, the plants will be nourished by the minerals and vitamins in the food cooked in the water.


The cooking water of pasta is therefore to keep and use on plants!


Is pasta water good for plants?

The cooking water from our pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables, eggs or bones is thrown away, often systematically, once our food is cooked. A real concentrate of nutrients, the cooking water collects most of the vitamins and minerals from boiled food. In fact, during cooking, water absorbs some of the vitamins from cooked vegetables and carbohydrates from starchy foods.


Pasta cooking water is a natural fertilizer for your garden, your indoor or outdoor plants. Be careful, this cooking water should not be salty. Let it cool down completely, then water your plants with it.


Full of minerals, this water will give them a new vigor, so it is very good to use for your plants, provided that it is not salty as we said above!


Can we use other cooking waters?

Yes, as long as they are made from vegetables or pasta that have not been treated. Whether they are garden vegetables or organically grown, there is no question of consuming cooking water in which GMOs and other health-damaging pesticides have macerated.


The nutrients of vegetables are mainly stored in their skin and are lost during cooking. Throwing away this cooking water is like throwing away these nutrients and minerals that are good for our body.


How to use pasta water for your plants?

Watering your plants

Thanks to the mineral content of your water, your plants will be better off. It is a natural and economical fertilizer, to be poured warm for a better result.



If you salt the pasta water, you won’t be able to use it as fertilizer. However, it is ideal for those who want to get rid of weeds in their garden in a natural way.


It allows you to make your own organic weed killer while saving money and preserving the environment. However, you must be careful not to pour boiling water and not to encroach on the other plants in your garden. Otherwise, you risk weeding them too!



The unsalted, cooled water used to cook vegetables contains vitamins and minerals that are good for plants. They are a natural and economical fertilizer for plants.


The trick also works with egg cooking water, which is a very good fertilizer, as well as the shells…


Thus, it is possible to make a homemade fertilizer, with cooking water as a base. Many food wastes can bring nutrients to plants (coffee grounds, eggshells…).


Cooking water from eggs for plants

While eggshells can be used for chickens or in the garden, the water from cooking eggs can be useful outdoors. The shell is mineral and the minerals remain in the water. This water can also be drunk to benefit from these minerals.


This water is a real organic fertilizer for indoor plants or in the garden to enrich the soil and feed the plants.



Did you know that every day you are throwing away a real treasure? The cooking water from your pasta (and vegetables and rice), far from being dirty, hides many properties and uses in the kitchen as well as in your garden. So, instead of throwing it away, use it!

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