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Planting Pansies Outside (Complete Plant-Care Guide)


Autumn and winter flower par excellence, the pansies require very little maintenance. Its flowers come in many colors, brightening balconies, terraces and gardens. The pansies flower is also edible.


Where to plant pansies

The pansy is easily planted in containers (pot, planter box), on balconies, terraces and windows.


In the garden, pansies decorate flower beds, borders, low walls and rock gardens. They make very pretty flowered carpets and an excellent ground cover.


When to plant pansies outside

Plant them in the fall from September to November or from late winter to late spring, avoiding periods of frost.


Planting pansies

Purchased in buckets or pots, you can plant pansies in the fall or early spring.


Planting pansies well

Prefer a good soil to the soil of your garden, you will guarantee a much better flowering of your plants.

For a beautiful flowering, prefer a sunny location, especially in winter when the sun is less strong.


Sowing pansies

Sowing is generally done from June-July to August.

Approximately 4 weeks after emergence, transplant every 4 inches and plant in the fall in the ground with the addition of a suitable potting soil.

  • It will generally be necessary to plant about ten feet per m2.
  • Sow in place in the spring for a bloom during the summer.
  • For a flowering as of autumn, sow at the beginning of June.


Planting purchased pansies in pots

If you buy your pansies in a bucket or pot, you can plant them in the fall or early spring.


Before planting your plants, make sure that the clods are well moistened. If not, soak them in a tray filled with water to moisten them. Plant them when water no longer drains from the pot or bucket.


  • Prepare the floor to obtain a nice level surface.
  • Make holes, and mix the soil with potting soil, sand and peat dust to obtain a better flowering.
  • Place the plants in the holes.
  • Cover with soil and press down lightly.
  • Water in a fine rain.


Pansies maintenance

Whether they bloom in spring and summer or in autumn and winter, pansies require very little care.

  • For spring and summer varieties, water during the hottest months.
  • For winter varieties, protect the roots from the cold with mulch during the winter.


The same pansies cannot bloom all year round, that’s why there are spring and summer flowering pansies and others with autumn and winter flowering.

As regards the annual varieties you will be able to pull them up at the end of flowering while those which are perennials will be able to bloom again the following year.

  • The best and most common flowering varieties are annuals.


Watering pansies

Pansies need watering only when it is not raining.

Since it is a flower that is usually grown in spring and fall, natural rainfall is usually sufficient to meet its needs.


However, if there is no rain for several days, especially for flowers in planter boxes, tubs or pots, watering will ensure that pansies grow well and prolong flowering.

The addition of fertilizer can prove to be interesting to give more brightness to your pansies.


Pansies protection in winter

It is only necessary for potted violas, which are more sensitive to the cold and especially to winter humidity. Protect the pot by placing it away from frost and heavy precipitation. In case of heavy frost, cover it with a winter fleece or a bell to prevent the foliage from wilting due to the cold.


Diseases, pests and parasites

The pansies are particularly afraid of mildew, which leads to root rot. This is due to excessive humidity. Spread your watering intervals and, if necessary, replant your pansies in a place where the water is not likely to stagnate.


It is also important not to leave pansies in place for too long, as they are attacked by fungi that cause them to decay. If your leaves are affected, remove them and clean your plants regularly to avoid disease. Early morning watering will prevent fungus attacks.


If slugs attack, set up beer traps.

Finally, if aphids invade, shower the foliage.



Pansies bloom almost all year round depending on the species.

Perennial, it is generally cultivated as a biennial, and it is in spring that it is the most spectacular with its great variety of colors.


They are also known to come to bloom our gardens, balconies and terraces in bed or planter boxes, in autumn and winter even if the latter is not very mild.

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