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13 Plants For A Winter Garden (Quick Read)


Enjoy your garden in winter, it’s possible! To do so, create a winter garden. All you have to do is create a covered terrace, a veranda or a patio.


You add plants, hang some of them, install a sofa, an armchair and a coffee table to spend convivial moments with your family. The winter garden is ideal to enjoy an outdoor space without being cold!


What is a winter garden?

In a house, the winter garden plays the role of transition between inside and outside. Often taking place in a veranda, it is a refuge for outdoor plants that are sensitive to winter temperatures.


But not only that. Other plants allow to color this winter garden, sometimes even outside the usual flowering periods. Here are some of them.


13 plants to be used for a winter garden

1. Iris

The iris is one of the beautiful flowers that bring freshness like the orchid. It adorns itself with multiple colors. The advantage is that it is a very easy flower to grow. One generally finds the iris in rockeries, borders or flower beds.


2. Cyclamen of Naples

Cyclamen flowers in spring or autumn. It is thus cultivated in winter thanks to its bulb. The cyclamen has very small perfumed flowers in mauve, pink or white colors. Easy to multiply, the cyclamen can form a nice carpet.


3. Aster

These starry flowers exude something magical. Moreover, they have the particularity to have a very long bloom. These perennials will amaze you with their orange hearts.


4. Rudbeckia

Very resistant, this pretty yellow daisy shines from spring until October. This plant accepts all the types of grounds and thus settles down in full ground.


5. Perennial geranium

This pretty perennial with a bewitching perfume comes in several shapes and colors. It can be planted in raised beds, rock gardens, borders, ground covers or slopes. Pink, blue, purple, white, the geranium comes in different colors.


6. Campanula

Very easy to care for, the bellflower flowers are either bell-shaped or star-shaped. White, blue, purple or pink, they will give cheerfulness to your garden.


7. Lilac

White or purplish, lilacs give off a very strong and pleasant fragrance. Apart from a good size, they require little maintenance. This fragrant and abundantly flowering flower in the form of clusters will bring color to the garden.


8. Holly

It is the representative plant of winter and holidays. This shrub does not need any maintenance. Its bright red berries contrast very well with the dark green leaves.


9. Boxwood

Boxwood is particularly tough. It does not fear the cold and adapts to all regions. Its decorative foliage will seduce you. With this plant you can also start the topiary art.


10. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is found in ball or flat form and in various colors. This flowering plant is rustic. Attention, it does not like the calcareous grounds.


11. Rhododendron

It is necessary to know how to control rhododendrons, because they are very floriferous!


12. Climbing rose

Who said we can’t have roses in winter? Its bewitching fragrance will delight your nostrils in spring! The climbing rose offers a pretty palette of colors, white or pink flowers, there’s something for everyone.


13. Clematis

This climbing plant resists winter and offers magnificent purple flowers from February to November!


Where to install your winter garden?

Usually a conservatory is set up in a veranda or a greenhouse in the house. In an apartment, a small space well exposed to light will suffice for your happiness and that of your friends the plants. Sometimes, we even find winter gardens inlaid in a wall of apartment!


Building a winter garden in a house

In a veranda

If you live in a single-family house, it is natural to think about the winter garden in the veranda. Why should you do this? Quite simply because a conservatory needs luminosity to be heated by the sun, and therefore a bay window or a window is indispensable.


This is an essential point in the conservatory, artificial heating is not recommended here because it dries out and damages your plants considerably. You are free to arrange your conservatory as you wish in the veranda. You can either design your conservatory by hand, or you can opt for a ready-made winter garden kit.


In a greenhouse

Not to be confused with the winter garden! The greenhouse is a term for agricultural production. It is often built separately, as an extension of the house. The garden is an integral part of your house and is not intended for production but rather for relaxation!



The winter garden is a transitional place between indoors and outdoors where plants can flourish in all seasons in a room bathed in light. The conservatory can take the form of a veranda or a glass roof.


You will have to place the plants there according to the temperature in that room. On a balcony, it is also possible to install a greenhouse to overwinter the plants most sensitive to frost.

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