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10 Good Plants For Small Pots (Perfect Miniature Examples)


You have a crush on green plant, but you don’t have the space to accommodate them? Discover the small indoor plants which, in addition to being beautiful, won’t take up too much space, just place them in small pots.


10 plants to put in small pots

Daisy (bellis)

White, pink or red, the daisy decorates our lawns, our slopes, our flower beds, our gardens and beautifully underlines narcissus and tulips. Very easy to cultivate, it can also be found in small pots or planters.



Cacti are often grown in pots, to keep them indoors all year round or at least in winter, to protect them from the cold. Although they require relatively little maintenance, they must however be repotted from time to time, in order to renew the substrate and give them more space.


Dionaea muscipula (dionaea flycatcher)

The dionaea, or dionaea muscipula, or “flycatcher”, is probably one of the most famous with its jaw trap that closes very quickly on its prey. It belongs to the category of carnivorous plants with active trap. Perfect to put in a small pot!


Drosera (impatient)

Drosera is a carnivorous plant that attracts flies, gnats and other small insects on its tentacles covered with mucilage, a mixture of water and digestive juices. The insects take this glue for water and are captured by the tentacles that will fold over them and trap them.


Nemesia (mirror-of-elves)

The nemesia is a pretty little flower, appreciated for the beauty and abundance of its flowers in warm colors. It’s a flower that is very suitable for pot culture, for your pots, balconies and window boxes.


Pelargonium (geranium)

Zonal, ivy, large-flowered or fragrant, the geranium is a plant that can be grown in pots more simply than in the open ground, especially since it will be easier to protect them in winter. And to ensure that they live a long time, offer them a new, larger container at least every two years.


Petunia Sempervivum (houseleek)

The houselegs, or Sempervivum, are small plants native to mountainous regions, and which form beautiful rosettes of fleshy leaves. They are very low plants, whose rosettes remain on the ground.


Verbena (verbena)

Verbena lends itself very well to cultivation in pots or tubs. It is best to use a high-brimed container because verbena needs freshness. On a balcony, think of installing the tray in the sun but sheltered from draughts.


Violet (viola)

The violet, viola odorata, is a pretty flower that blooms in autumn, winter or spring depending on the variety. For the violets cultivated in small pot or window box, it is necessary to plan a watering a little more regularly in order not to let the soil dry out too long.



Often used as an indoor palm tree, the Areca offers a decorative foliage with a design look. The planting stage is important because it is the one that will condition the proper growth of your areca over the seasons.


Small indoor plants for small pots

When floor space is limited, it is still possible to install mini potted plants in a corner of a room, on a table or a chest of drawers… The good solution is to prefer small indoor trees such as croton, dwarf palm, fern if the desired effect is the mini jungle.


For a more discreet result, bet on small green or flowering plants such as spathiphyllum, rosebush or on succulents such as cactus. At the time of purchase, make sure with the seller that it is a dwarf variety and ask him/her about its maximum size. Also refer to the Latin name of the plant. Indeed, the small plants generally have the terms “Pumila”, “Minima” or “Nana” in their name.


Succulents are fat, perennial plants that grow in the smallest rock hole. They live with little water and reproduce most often from a simple fallen leaf that is planted to re-sprout roots.


That is to say if, in terms of adaptation, they are champions! Ideal indoors, they will be satisfied with little space, even little light and very little water. Mini bulbous plants, such as hyacinths or crocuses, need a little more water but prove to be just as tenacious, even from one year to the next.


What is a miniature plant?

It is a plant whose variety was selected, and which is pruned from its youngest age and cultivated in mini pots, to keep a reasonable volume and especially controlled. 

The advantage is especially decorative, they take very little space and it is pretty!


Each plant being able to be “mini”, you will have to respect the needs of each one according to its origin and its favorite conditions of luminosity and hydrometry.

Another advantage of the mini-plant, and not the least, its price as small as its size, but the maximum effect is guaranteed.



Many plants fit in a small pot, from alpine plants to annuals and succulents.

Check the dimensions of the plants and, if in doubt, take the containers to go and buy appropriate plants.

Mix different species or choose different colors of the same plant.

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