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10 Plants That Increase Property Value (+ Others Way To Increase House Worth)


Beyond their intrinsic beauty, beautiful, well-placed trees on your property can increase the value of your home by about 15%, according to studies, while allowing you to save on air conditioning and heating.


Trees have also been shown to save on energy bills. The presence of trees on the east and west sides of a house can reduce air conditioning costs by between 15 and 30 per cent. Similarly, he says, up to 20 per cent can be saved on winter heating costs.


Why take care of your garden for selling?

Why invest in the development of your garden? The garden is part of the overall appeal of a house, whether it is for sale or not. The first visual impression of your property is the facade of the house as well as the exterior layout.

Every visitor will be positively influenced if :

  • your hedges are well trimmed
  • your lawn is well maintained
  • you have planted fresh flowers in your garden
  • you have had your trees pruned.


When you want to create a garden design, there are some do’s and don’ts to do

  •  Less lawn because people may be discouraged from doing garden maintenance and having to mow the lawn.
  •  A landscaped patio can increase the value of a home because it is a true delineated, open-air space. 
  •  Water is a natural element that creates a soothing atmosphere: a pond or a fountain is a good idea. 
  •  Outdoor lighting with solar lights combines safety, elegance and aesthetics.
  •  Swimming pools do not necessarily increase the value of a property because they can create an additional cost for a buyer who is not looking for this type of property.


10 plants that will increase the value of your property

The Petunia

With its superhero name, this pretty plant has something to seduce you. Particularly resistant to heat and drought, it likes the sun and shows a great adaptability.


Its fuchsia pink starry flowers will brighten up in a wink your terrace. With a height of 8 to 16 inches, it grows in the shape of a ball and has the particularity of being self-cleaning. In short, a real superstar!



Rustic and aesthetic, rosemary has a lavender-like appearance. This is normal, it is a perennial sub-shrub native to the Mediterranean basin.


Famous for its virtues on our health (it is used in infusion), it is also aesthetic with its small flowers that bloom from the beginning of the year, and turn from blue to white, through pink. Rosemary is very appreciated by pollinators, a real plus for the protection of the eco-system even in cities.


The gazania

Its sunflower yellow, red, brown flowers will instantly illuminate your garden. With a height of 10  inches, it loves the sun and will glow from May to October without you even bringing water. The ideal plant for the Sunday gardeners.


The mini-pepper

Isn’t he just adorable? It will give a modern touch to your garden, and thus increase the perceived value of your property! It is very trendy nowadays to marry flowers and vegetables.


Opt for a kit like this one, which mixes mini peppers, mini sweetbaby cherry tomatoes and mini cucumbers.


The morning glory

Coming straight from Central and South America, the ipomea presents a very large number of species.


With its bicolor flowers, here is “Venice carnival” which does not lack originality. Easy to maintain, it has the advantage of being able to climb on a trellis or a pergola.


The hydrangea

It is declined in an incredible monochrome of blues or pinks, or simply asserts itself in an immaculate white. The hydrangea is a real bestseller and it is easy to understand why. It is very easy to care for and is ideal for use in a shady or semi-shady setting.


It blooms from June to October to the delight of our eyes. It can grow up to 6.5 feets high, which is ideal to hide from curious eyes. Note however that its foliage is deciduous.


The cactus

Resolutely contemporary, the cactus is undoubtedly one of the easiest plants to maintain. Do not hesitate to play on the accumulation effect by adding other species of succulents, which are particularly trendy in recent years.


You can even find them in bridal bouquets! You can also treat yourself with pretty pots to accentuate the decorative effect.


Japanese maple

Particularly graphic and aesthetic, Japanese maple has many qualities. The big advantage of this shrub is that it is not demanding in terms of light and water (it is one of the few shrubs to flourish on north-facing terraces), and resists negative temperatures.


Depending on the species (there is a multitude of them!), its leaves turn red, yellow or purple, like the acer palmatum. On this picture, it is a beautiful bloodgood maple that is presented. You will also certainly appreciate the sango-kaku which has the particularity of having a red branch. In winter, it is therefore very decorative even when it has lost its leaves. The maple grows very slowly and can be contained in a pot for a long time, but it can reach several meters high.



If you want to bring a little “wild” touch to your balcony, opt for heather. They are extremely easy to care for and are ideal for half-shade, half-sun exposure.


They can grow in volume and reach up to 20 inches in height. Their foliage is evergreen, and you can mix the species that bloom in the summer with those that bloom during the winter months, so that you will always have a touch of color in your garden. A must if you are selling your property in the winter!



Geranium will sublimate your outdoor space all summer long. To see it bloom, you will need to water it regularly, especially if it is in full sun. Also perfect to increase the perceived value of your property.


This plant is not resistant to frost, so remember to bring it inside in winter. There are more than 200 species and varieties but the maintenance is the same for each one.


How can you increase the value of your home more generally?

If you would like to arrange your exterior to sell your house or simply to improve your living environment, here are a few tips:


Take care of your lawn

Taking care of your lawn is important. A potential buyer may be put off if your lawn is not mowed and looks neglected. Remember to mow your garden before visiting. No time for lawn care? Call in a professional gardener.


Add plants

The addition of plants creates a visual barrier effect while attenuating noises that may come from the street.


Well-chosen plants can create refreshing shade zones during trying hot periods. Think about biodiversity and favor local plant species.


Refer to our list of 10 plants that will increase the value of your property above.


Prune trees

Tree pruning is one of the most important jobs to be done. If you wish to sell your property without worries, call on a professional tree trimmer who will be able to advise you.



To put all the chances on your side, making a good impression from the very first steps on your territory is of great importance. A beautiful garden with a well-kept lawn, plants, trees and pretty flowers make a positive impression. A landscaped garden will please the future buyers of your property and this also implies that the interior is as well cared for as the exterior.


If your house has a terrace or even a veranda it is a good point that will make the visitors enthusiastic for the rest of the visit. An already furnished terrace would allow them to look forward to the future, like enjoying a beautiful sunny day. And as a rule, in a city center, a house with a terrace is seen as a real luxury.


And the veranda is a room that allows you to admire the garden while remaining in the comfort of the house. Any buyer would be more than happy to have a veranda as long as it is well sealed and insulated.

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