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7 Benefits Of Having A Rubber Plant (Detailed List)


The rubber plant is a perfect plant for your stay and very complete, in fact, it absorbs and dissolves formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, xylene and ammonia. We present you the complete list of the benefits of the rubber plant.


The first benefit of rubber plants is to create a link between the outside and the inside. Like an extension of nature into our homes. No matter how beautiful and colorful our interiors are, we sometimes feel a little confined in our own homes. A few plants arranged here and there according to their needs give us the impression that we are not totally cut off from nature.


2) Rubber plant embellish our homes

As I said before, Rubber plant can be easily integrated into our decor. They can contribute to create a certain atmosphere: the natural decoration. For example, some plants, by their touch of exoticism, inevitably transport us to a faraway country. This is the case for cacti, palm trees, a small banana tree...


Thus, the shape of the plant, the delicacy of its leaves and flowers, its color, its port or its graphic side contribute to its beauty. And, by the same token, it embellishes the decoration of the room.


Pots and planters are also an integral part of the decoration. We can thus create beautiful settings with our plants. What better way to bring a touch of pep in a pure, rustic or modern universe than a little green!


3) Rubber plant help us to slow down

Caught up in the whirlwind of life, of tasks to accomplish, we often retain this state of stress once we return home. Fortunately, our rubber plants help us to de-stress when we take care of them. They invite us to slow down, to (re)discover our “slow” side. Thus, we take our time to observe them, to watch them blossom and protect them.


Also, we make sure that they do not lack water. From time to time, we offer them a little grooming by dusting them and removing damaged leaves. Finally, we can also sometimes refresh them with a sprayer and repot them if necessary.


4) Rubber plant soothes us

As several studies show, the presence of rubber plants in our interiors can lower our blood pressure, stress and muscle tension (article). Therefore, by inviting us to slow down to take care of them, Rubber plant soothes us.


Finally, Rubber plant takes as much care of us as we take care of them. In addition to soothing us, Rubber plant acts very concretely on the air we breathe at home.


5) They improve the air quality in our homes.

We spend most of our time cooped up, whether in our homes or in the workplace. Having a few plants in our homes improves the quality of the air we breathe.


By providing oxygen

Rubber plant do the opposite of us. They absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) that we release and we absorb the oxygen (O2) that they release. What a perfect symbiosis!


By increasing the humidity level in the air

This rate can be up to 5% higher. This helps to maintain a humidity level between 40% and 60%. A rate higher than 40% reduces the risk of dryness of the nose, and a rate lower than 60% that of asthma and certain allergies.


However, we still have to find the right balance between the absence of plants and the excess of plants in our homes.


By perfuming our interior

However, Rubber plant is not totally sufficient to clean up our indoor air. A good ventilation of the rooms is important to renew it.


6) Rubber plant improve our health every day

Rubber plant contribute to improve our overall health. The first writings on the beneficial effects of rubber plants in homes appear as early as Ancient Rome (see the effects of plants on health)!


At work, Rubber plant in offices reduce fatigue, decrease sickness-related absences, and increase employee concentration (see report). According to the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association, the presence of plants in a room increases the productivity of people working on a computer by 12%.


A study was also conducted in hospital rooms, and it was found that the presence of plants decreased complaints, pain, anxiety, and even improved the rate of recovery from certain diseases.


Finally, Rubber plant have a beneficial effect on coughs, headaches, skin or throat problems.


7) Some houseplants can help heal our little ailments.

Many plants have been used by humans for thousands of years to cure diseases.


Some of these medicinal plants are part of our interiors. For example, aloe vera, in addition to being decorative, can heal burns or eczema, soothe the skin after a sunburn or irritation.



Whatever the type of decoration, the rubber plant will always have its place. It will contribute all the more to develop a natural and eco-responsible decoration.


In view of the numerous studies on the benefits of rubber plants, also think about having one or two (or even more!) in your workplace.

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