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Why You Should Stop Eating Baby Carrots?


Crunchy and crispy, mini carrots often adorn tables during appetizer time. Loved by adults and children alike, these cute little carrots require no preparation. But in the bag hide some aberrations that should dissuade you from buying and eating them!


The truth behind these mini carrots

Marketing tends to make consumers believe that these mini carrots are miniature carrot varieties. Easy to bite into and handle, they appeal to both adults and children.


However, these mini carrots are nothing more than pieces of large carrots, cut, rounded at the edges, and smoothed to become “baby” carrots. That is the first deception.

Beyond this deception, the flavor is not there! Washed, sterilized, and packaged in bags, these carrots lose the characteristic mild and slightly sweet taste of “real” carrots.

When tasted, they are completely tasteless.

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Do not eat these mini carrots for your well-being

It is obvious when you open the bag! A smell of chlorine emanates from it. Logical since these mini carrots are often soaked in chlorinated water or chemicals before being packaged.

And this is done to eliminate the risk of bacterial transmission such as the famous E.Coli, listeria, or salmonella. While increasing their shelf life.

Furthermore, the slightly slimy appearance of these carrots does not really encourage consumption. Even if it is a sign of dehydration.

Do not buy these mini carrots for the sake of the planet

These mini carrots are not very environmentally friendly! First, they are sold in plastic bags.

Furthermore, behind this small calibration, there are different passages through energy-consuming machines to sort, cut, wash, bleach, and package them.

The only environmentally friendly gesture is to use ugly carrots that should have been thrown away because they did not meet the standards of large-scale distribution.


So, it is basically an anti-waste solution that unfortunately has become an ecological aberration. Today, farmers plant carrots specifically adapted to this market.

It is also an economic aberration since these mini carrots cost 3 to 4 times more than carrots sold in bulk.

Instead, real carrots prepared in 5 minutes

If you want to offer crunchy carrots for appetizers, to dip in hummus or guacamole, just peel a few carrots and cut them into small sticks.

In just 5 minutes, it’s done! And it’s much better in terms of flavor and ecology. Not to mention your wallet!

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