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6 Plants With Thick Stem (Quick Read)


There are many plants with thick stems, this is the case of all trees, shrubs … The list could be endless since there is a very large number of trees. We decided to limit ourselves to 6 types of plants with thick stems.


6 plants with thick stems

1. Trees

This is what all trees have in common, they all have a thick stem, commonly called “trunk”. It is obvious to shrubs as well…


2. Shrub

Shrubs also have the advantage of having a rather thick and resistant stem, they could not do without, the mass of the foliage which they support being consequent.


3. Money plant

The official name of this plant is Epipremnum pinnatum, the name of the variety “Aureum”. However, the plant is more known under the old name: Scindapsus aureum, simply “Scindapsus”. The money plant belongs to the family Araceae and is native to the forests of Southeast Asia, where the leaves of the climbing plant can grow up to 3 ft. The European variety is a young form of this plant. 


They are thin climbers with rather thick leaves. The leaves are green with yellow spots. When there are few green leaves, the plant needs a lot of light (but not bright sun). Nevertheless, this tropical plant tolerates dry and rather dark places. In winter, the plant can be placed in a cooler room.


4. Bonsai

These dwarfed trees or shrubs have fascinated gardeners for thousands of years. For those who have little space, this is an opportunity to practice micro-gardening, while for the assiduous adepts, this passion quickly becomes the expression of a philosophy, an oriental art of living.


5. Dieffenbachia

The Dieffenbachia is part of the vast Araceae family. It grows naturally in the tropical forests of South America and the West Indies where it can exceed 1.40 m in height. Only the horticultural variety ‘Amonea’ is able to reach 2 m in height in cultivation.


6. Desert Rose

Under the poetic name of ‘Desert Rose’ hides a plant particularly well adapted to its environment. Succulent able to resist the drought and the heat, the Adenium is a plant with the very original aspect resembling a small baobab which covers itself with flowers in summer.


Which plant has the thickest stem?

The “General Sherman” tree is not only the largest giant redwood and the plant with the largest stem in the world, it is also the largest tree in the world.

This large tree is 83.8 m high and 24.10 m in circumference (even 31.4 m at the base). The top is 33 m wide and the lowest branch is 40 m high!


For a long time it was thought that this tree had reached an age of 2000 to 3000 years. Others mentioned 6000 to 11000 years. But scientific research in 2002 showed that this tree is “only” about 2000 years old.

In the past trees were felled that appeared to be 3220 years old (by counting the rings) and it is believed that giant sequoias of about 4000 years old exist, because the oldest are not at all also the largest.


The picture on the left is an attempt to represent the whole tree. Notice the people near the base of the tree (click to enlarge). The General Sherman is the largest giant redwood, but it does not have the largest circumference, nor the tallest height. Note also that the tallest tree in the world is still about half its height higher.

Often this tree is called the largest living thing on earth. This is a debatable claim.


Most of the tree is dead matter. Also the exact definition of “living thing” is not very precise. For example, a strawberry tree can propagate through shoots, which can root themselves.

So, a field of strawberry plants propagated in this way, is it only one plant or are there several plants? If you answer one plant, entire forests (such as the trembling aspen Populus tremuloides) or fungi, which can advance for miles, can be considered as one living organism.


Whatever the case, it is a fact that no living, solitary tree has been found that has a trunk volume greater than General Sherman’s.



Our article presents you 6 plants which has thick stems, in addition to a description of General Sherman, the plant which has the thickest stem of the world, it is obviously a tree.

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