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6 Ways To Use Vodka For Plants (Quick Read)


Not only is vodka good for concocting a thirst-quenching cocktail, but this drink has unusual virtues in the care of our flowers. We give you several clues about the use of this drink in the garden.


6 ways to use vodka for your plants

1. A good preservative for cut flowers

Vodka has the ability to extend the life of cut flowers. It gives a little boost to the branches of cut plants, while preserving their brightness and beauty. Vodka limits the proliferation of bacteria and prevents the flowers from fading.


A few drops of vodka provide the necessary nutrients that flowers need most to keep their petals in excellent health, despite the fact that they are cut.

To play the trick, pour a few drops of vodka into the water of the vase with a teaspoon of sugar. Remember to always change the water in the vase at least every two days so that the bouquet of cut flowers embellishes the decor.


Remember to always add a few drops of vodka and sugar as the water changes. The sugar nourishes the cut flowers while the vodka preserves them and makes them even more beautiful for as long as possible.


2. An excellent disinfectant

Without having to resort to the use of floral care products, vodka promises us excellent results to properly disinfect our flowers. Take a bottle and spray the flowers with vodka. This will drive away the bad germs that can wilt the flowers.


3. An economical weed killer

To effortlessly wipe out the weeds that invade our gardens, vodka is an excellent alternative. In a sprayer, mix 2 tablespoons of vodka, 2 cups of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Spray the unwanted leaves with the resulting solution.


For the solution to work effectively, try to treat the herbs preferably at noon, when the sun is at its zenith. Under the action of the sun, the leaves dehydrate and the alcohol putrefies the cuticle covering the leaves.


4. Vodka, an anti-fading agent

Pouring a few drops of vodka in a flowerpot prevents the fading and premature fading of our beautiful flowers. Vodka stops in an impressive way the production of ethylene in the flowers. Ethylene acts as a gas responsible for the fading of the flowers.


5. Annihilates poison sumac

Poison sumac is a plant native to North America. It grows readily in nature and has an irritating and allergenic effect when it comes into contact with the skin. Vodka is a handy remedy to reduce skin irritations. Simply pour vodka on the most affected area.


6. A good repellent

The vodka knows how to make itself useful to push back the small undesirable insects which frequent the plants. To formulate a vodka-based repellent yourself, you need fresh basil leaves and 4 oz of vodka.


After boiling and allowing the basil leaves to infuse, collect the excess infused water by pressing it into a jar. Pour the 4 oz of Vodka into the solution and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it on the flower and the bugs will move away.



Vodka is not only good for cocktails, it can also be very useful in the garden if you don’t have anything else on hand! We give you 6 ways to use this alcohol on your plants.

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