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What Does A Gardener Do ? (Complete Job Description)


The gardener is responsible for the design, layout and maintenance of gardens, parks and green spaces.

He prunes trees and hedges, mows and cuts grass, takes care of the growth and health of plants and flowers, looks after the watering systems and all maintenance work on green spaces.


A gardener knows and applies the main techniques for planting, producing and reproducing green spaces (grass, hedges, shrubs, ornamental plants) and carries out seasonal treatments of plants to ensure that they are healthy and lush. It identifies the possible presence of pests and other common diseases and intervenes accordingly, carrying out the disinsectisation with the help of instruments and chemical or natural products.


Description of the gardener’s job

As a nature technician, the green space gardener carries out a whole series of tasks that vary according to the seasons, from preparing the soil upstream to replacing plantations at the end of the cycle.


In charge of seedlings (flowers, plants or shrubs) and cuttings, he must know the characteristics of plants and seasonal constraints. He also carries out the grassing of the surfaces intended for lawns, which he then maintains (rolling, mowing, phytosanitary treatments, etc.).

In addition to surface ploughing, the gardener draws flowerbeds and traces pathways, for which he often carries out maintenance work: earthworks, paving, drainage channels, small masonry.


The gardener also trims shrubs and is responsible for removing and recycling green waste (grass cuttings, dead leaves, pruning products, etc.). In certain circumstances, when clearing a new space, he is in charge of clearing the brush.

The green space gardener is responsible for the maintenance of the tools and motorized machines he uses: motorized mower, small tractor, brushcutter, leaf vacuum cleaner… As these tools are often very noisy, hearing protection is essential!

Many gardeners work for public companies or local authorities (municipality, general council, HLM…). In this case, they operate in a small team.


They can also be salaried employees of a company (garden center, landscaping work). In this case, his hours are relatively regular. The gardener can also rent his services to private individuals. If this is the case, he works on Saturdays.

Regardless of his employer, the gardener always works outdoors, in the sun or in bad weather.


How does a gardener work?

The creation

Design of parks and gardens

Advise the client and imagine a landscaping project that meets his or her needs.

Development of parks, gardens and sports fields

Create a space designed according to an aesthetic and/or functional objective, respecting the plans.

Development of aquatic environments and plant engineering

To make ponds and to arrange the different plant species that make up the flora.

Projection sowing

Healing landscapes and planting vegetation in hard-to-reach areas or damaged land: quarries, landfills or slag heaps, winter sports resorts, etc.



Maintenance and watering of parks, green spaces and gardens

Set up and manage the watering of green spaces

Sports field maintenance

Ensuring the quality and good maintenance of soccer fields and other sports fields

Maintenance of aquatic environments

Ensuring the ecological balance of water bodies

Application of phytosanitary products

Treating plants by treating them against insects and diseases


Pruning / Reforestation

Tree pruning

Prune and care for trees in complete safety


Ensuring the balance and proper development of wooded areas

Stump trimming and stump removal

Make the land accessible for new development after felling


Prepare soils, plant or seed trees to create woods and forests


Interior landscaping

Set design

Design green settings for offices, restaurants, film shoots, etc.

Maintenance of these interior arrangements

Maintenance of interior fittings (treatments, pruning, etc). Rental of plants



Landscape masonry

Building low walls, stairs, fences, water features



Whether in the private or public sector, the gardener has many duties that must be performed on a daily basis. From the creation to the development of green spaces, from the maintenance of these spaces to the realization of some minor do-it-yourself work, the gardener is a professional who has taken his or her importance in the environmental field.

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