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Do Indoor Plants Attract Roaches? (Complete Guide)


Roaches are one of the most resistant species on the planet. They can withstand high levels of radiation and can go without food for up to 40 days.


What attracts roaches?

What this parasite prefers in our home is heat and humidity. Water is essential for their survival. The hotter it is, the more easily they reproduce (several thousands per year per individual). They manage to adapt to extreme conditions (don’t forget that it is one of the oldest terrestrial species), they can hide anywhere and feed on everything, even paper and leather.


Do plants attract roaches?

It is not a direct effect of plants, but if you have plants that increase the humidity in your home, which roaches like, it is an indirect cause to attract them.


How to prevent roaches from coming into the house?

Since cockroach infestation is often difficult to stop, there are some things that must be considered to ensure that the house does not attract them. To do this, a new way of life, particularly in terms of hygiene, is required. It is essential to take care of your house and to clean it as often as possible.


The room that is likely to be the target of a cockroach nest should be cleaned regularly. In these rooms, it is even advisable to use vacuum cleaners. To avoid tempting them, avoid leaving food crumbs lying around the house, empty garbage cans regularly, fix water leaks, wash dishes after each meal, and clean the sink and dishes afterwards.


Use laurel against roaches

Killing roaches by kicking is the solution many people adopt, but by doing so, you’re kicking out the eggs that will later produce new roaches. To keep them away from you permanently, apply this old grandmother’s trick and lace ten bay leaves in your kitchen, garden and bathroom, as well as bay branches in every corner of your home.


Being non-toxic, you can use them without worrying about your children or your pet. Moreover, they are ideal for places where you store your food.


Their effectiveness comes from their strong odor, as pleasant for humans as it is unbearable for these insects. For more efficiency, dry the leaves and grind them to make a powder that will give off a strong odor and be all the more effective.


Other natural tricks to get rid of it

Here are our natural tips to say “goodbye” to roaches!


Baking soda and sugar

In a bowl, mix the equivalent of a glass of baking soda and a glass of powdered sugar. Divide the mixture into cups and place them in warm, humid rooms and the kitchen. roaches will be attracted to the sugar, and the baking soda, once ingested, eliminates them.


The wine

Make traps with sweet wine that you will place in glass jars. Distribute them in the rooms infested by roaches. roaches are attracted to the traps and will rush in and drown, unable to get out.


Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural insecticide. Sprinkle it in cups and place them in areas frequented by roaches. Pour a little sugar on top to attract them.



Arrange cucumber slices on plates. This vegetable is indeed a very good insect repellent.


Boric acid

Mix one tablespoon of boric acid and one tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk. Form a leg and divide it into several cups that you will place in areas where roaches pass. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation after 3 weeks to eradicate the second generation of insects, or again if necessary.


Lemon eucalyptus essential oil

If the invasion of roaches is just beginning, you can eradicate them by pouring a few drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oil on pieces of newspaper. Place them on the places where the roaches pass.


The essential oil of lavender

On small pieces of cotton, place 5 to 10 drops of fine lavender essential oil. Place them everywhere, especially in your closets and renew the application every day.


White vinegar

Spray white vinegar on the bottom of your walls, under your furniture, under the sink and in places where roaches pass, spray white vinegar. The smell quickly drives them away.



In short, houseplants do not “directly” attract roaches, it is mainly the crumbs of food and stagnant water that make them come into your home. However, some plants can be very effective against this insect. This is the case of laurel, we explain how to use it in this article.

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