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3 Ways To Stop Plant Pots From Blowing Over (DIY)


Do your potted plants blow over? Don’t panic, you’re not the only ones…

Faced with this problem, 3 major solutions present themselves to you:

  • Make the plant pot heavier (by adding stones at the bottom, for example)
  • Attach the middle or top of the plant to something to avoid oscillations and thus have more stability.
  • Use wedges or supports for flower pots, or attach your pots to something more stable (pot attached to a board, then board screwed to the ground)


Alternative ways to protect your plant pots from blowing over

Tutoring your plants

In order to give plants crucial support in windy areas, tutor them. The tutor settles in the planting hole, deep down and facing the prevailing wind. Rubber fasteners are used so as not to injure the tree trunk. In addition, some plants composed of heavy flowers (peonies, dahlias) need to be surrounded by stakes in order to be held together.


Make good bindings

When installing a fence or pergola, always make sure that the feet are always securely fastened to the ground, using specialized iron shoes or concrete blocks. This will minimize the risk of having the pergola or fence blown off in high winds.


Install windbreak hedges

In order to compensate for possible wind damage, you can set up windbreak plant hedges. This way, they will filter the wind without blocking it and reduce its effect. Unlike a wall, no turbulence zone is created at their feet.


When planting your hedge, do not plant it in one row, but in two rows. Indeed, by arranging it in staggered rows, you benefit from better wind filtration.




Create a dense hedge rather than a flowery one

Your hedge protects the garden by bouncing the wind. To do this, make your hedge of small dense branches and not large twigs. Choose evergreen plants such as Leyland cypress, Chalefs, Photinias or Eleagnus. Avoid flowering shrubs that are not effective against the wind.


How to stop plant pots falling over in wind ?

Install hail filters

In the orchard, hail can cause enormous irreversible damage, so if you live in an area where hail is common, place a protective filter over your fruit trees during the fruiting period.


Raise the pots

If high winds are forecast, be prepared and elevate the pots on the ground and along a wall so that they have less wind resistance.



We have an article in which we explain in more detail how to protect your potted plants from ending up on the ground.


One solution is to make your pot heavier to prevent it from being knocked over by the wind or by the simple weight of your plant. To do this, add stones to the bottom of your pot before putting the soil back on, this way, the water will not have any problem to flow.


Another way to do it, would be to simply put your potted plants in a shelter, in a corner, behind a hedge, behind a windscreen…

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