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Fruit Trees And Plants With Purple Flowers (Detailed List)


Purple is a color that, depending on its nuances, can bring poetry and a fairy-tale atmosphere to a garden. But it is not necessarily an easy color to find, especially in trees! Fortunately, specimens with purple and mauve flowers have nothing to envy to the others. This color sometimes light and delicate, then dark and intense, blends very well with pink and white. 


Fruit trees with purple flowers are actually quite rare, here is the only one we know: The golden dewdrop

golden dewdrop

For the rest, we present you a total of 11 plants and shrubs with purple flowers that will sublimate your garden without fail.


5 Shrubs with purple flowers

1. Imperial paulownia

Originally from East Asia, this tree has everything to seduce: foliage in the original shape, purple flowers giving off a pleasant fragrance … What more could you ask for? It is also a sturdy tree that is easy to plant and maintain, as well as being fast growing. It will therefore enjoy itself in all gardens, provided that it is always planted in fresh and well-drained soil.


2. The purple Indian lilac

One will prefer this name to that of Lagerstroemia indica, just as indicated but less speaking in terms of color. In summer, the bloom lets appear rich bunches of flowers which constitute an ornament of choice for the garden. Side plantation, this tree prefers the full sun and can be cultivated as well in pot as in full ground.


3. The jacaranda

Impossible not to mention it in an article about purple trees! The jacaranda is undoubtedly one of the most poetic trees there is. It will bring elegance and delicacy to any garden! An open space in full sun is the best place to welcome it and give it all the space it needs to blossom.


4. Sophora secundiflora

It is also possible to opt for a purple flowering sophora, whose flowers adopt dark and intense shades. It is sometimes called calia secundiflora, and it requires little maintenance and appreciates heat and sunshine. It will require a little patience: the flowers do not develop until a few years after planting.


5. The vitex agnus castus

Also known as the chaste tree and pepper tree, this shrub is colored in summer with a purple all shades, some of them going to blue. Its fragrance attracts pollinating insects such as bees. Just like lilac and jacaranda, it thrives best in full sun. You can also harvest its leaves – and fruit in the fall.


9 Traditional plants with purple flowers


This climbing plant will have no difficulty to embellish your outside spaces thanks to its waterfalls and its intoxicating scent. Its bloom of pink and purple flowers will be perfect for a pergola or to palisade a wall.



With its many colors such as blue, red, white or purple, this rustic usually blooms in winter and between April and September. Being able to reach several meters in height, its possible marriage with roses will be highly appreciated.


The solanum

Declined in three species of climbing solanum, the one of particular interest to us is the solanum dulcamara, with its deep purple, star-shaped flowers. They can easily surround a fence or dress a hedge.


Purple Sensation’ Garlic

A purple garlic? It is quite possible with this garlic coming straight from Asia. This variety, easy to cultivate and one meter high, grows quickly. Its flowers oscillating between pink and purple are resistant to temperatures reaching 5°F.



Another classic when it comes to purple flowers, or even flowers at all! We usually think of the lavender fields as far as the eye can see in Provence when we refer to this flower which is another one of the stars of the garden. It can be found in pots or in flower beds, from April to June and sometimes in September and October.


L’hibiscus “French Cabaret Purple

Variant of the red, yellow, white or pink hibiscus, the ‘French Cabaret Purple’ is nevertheless a colorful species with a purple that will stand out. Its double flowers and its bloom will punctuate without problem your garden at the end of the summer and the beginning of the autumn.



The bellflower is distinguished by its bells and its generous flowering between June and August. Plant the bellflower in spring or autumn for a bloom during the beautiful days. It will be a beautiful effect in a pot.


The callicarpa

Also known as a candy shrub or “beautiful fruit” (from the Greek), callicarpa is characterized by small clustered flowers. It tolerates temperatures as low as -4°F!


The Suntensebutilon

The abutilon ‘Suntense’ likes for its noticed bloom during spring. Its large purple flowers will not fail to seduce all the lovers of this color. It resists also to small frosts, up to 41°F.



If you are a big dreamer, purple trees are for you! Indeed, purple is the color of softness and dream; it soothes and reassures. Installing one or more purple trees in your garden will bring a nice spiritual dimension to it.

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