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10 Hardy And Resilient Vegetables For A Mountain Garden


From the outset, the mountain is associated with cold, snow, and steep terrain. Climatic and topographic conditions that are not favorable for gardening. However, it is entirely possible to garden in mountainous areas by opting for adapted vegetables. My advice.

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    Mountain gardening, a demanding garden

    In the mountains, conditions are not always simple for a gardener. They must deal with specific weather: winters are long and cold, often punctuated by snowfall and periods of intense freezing, springs are late and summers are short, sometimes accompanied by violent storms.


    In addition to these climatic conditions, there are constraints related to often sloping terrain, shallow soils, moderately fertile, and often acidic.

    However, despite difficult cultivation conditions, setting up and operating a vegetable garden is accessible to everyone.

    Which hardy vegetables to grow in a mountain garden?

    To have a productive and nourishing mountain garden, it is essential to choose particularly hardy vegetables, early varieties, or those with a short growing cycle.

    Leafy vegetables to grow in a mountain garden


    My small selection of essential leafy vegetables in a mountain garden due to their hardiness:

    • Spinach: they are very hardy and thrive in cool, sunny soil. In the mountains, it is advisable to choose ‘Géant d’hiver’ or ‘Matador’.
    • Cabbages: they thrive in regions with a cool climate and appreciate fertile soils rich in organic matter and cool temperatures. All types of cabbage can be grown in the mountains, including perpetual Daubenton cabbage, kale, or kohlrabi.
    • Leeks: very hardy, they can withstand winter in the garden, but they need sunlight and soil enriched with manure or compost.
    • Lettuces: winter lettuces or chicories (escarole, curly endive, etc.) are particularly resistant to cold. ‘Reine des glaces’ or ‘Merveille des 4 saisons’ are recommended.

    Root vegetables perfect for mountain cultivation


    These vegetables tolerate the cold, protected by the soil, and grow relatively quickly.

    • Carrots: the hardiest varieties are “Blanche des Vosges,” “Marché de Paris,” “Chantenay à cœur rouge,” “De Colmar à cœur rouge,” and “Rouge sang.”
    • Beets: varieties like “Crapaudine” or “Rouge de Détroit” are very resistant to cold.
    • Parsnips: known for their hardiness and productivity, they can be consumed raw or cooked.
    • Turnips: these are short-cycle vegetables, quite resistant to cold. Choose a variety like ‘Hâtif d’Auvergne’ or ‘Blanc à collet violet’.
    • Winter radishes: these are long black radishes that are eaten raw. ‘Noir gros long d’hiver’ is suitable for mountain climates.
    • Jerusalem artichoke: a vegetable that is harvested in winter, delicious with its slight artichoke flavor.

    Winter protection for the mountain garden

    In the mountains, even more than elsewhere, it is wise to protect your plantations from the cold. Different solutions are possible:

    • Garden greenhouse
    • Protective tunnels
    • Cold frame
    • Hotbed

    Do not forget a thick winter mulch for the plants that remain in place.

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