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How To Tame A Robin? 8 Steps To Follow!


The robin is a wild bird that often makes its home in gardens. Fond of freedom, it cannot tolerate captivity. However, it can become attached to you and visit you daily. So here’s how to tame a robin in your garden in 8 steps.

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Cultivate dense vegetation

The robin is primarily attracted to gardens where dense vegetation grows, ensuring an abundance of food.


If you want to tame a robin, start by planting hedges, leafy shrubs, and tall trees in your garden to attract the small bird.

Attract insects to the garden

The robin hunts insects for food. Therefore, absolutely avoid insecticides. Your robin will be happy to naturally get rid of them for you!


The more insects your garden has, the easier it will be to convince the little bird to make its home there.

Provide shelter for the robin

The third step to tame a robin is to provide it with a safe shelter. Place a nest box about 3 meters high to make it inaccessible to potential predators.


Slightly tilt the nest box forward to prevent rain from seeping in. Protect the nest box from the wind and make sure the chosen location is open and easily accessible for the robin.

  • Different nest boxes for each bird species in the garden
  • Which nest boxes to choose to attract birds to your garden?

Provide food for the robin

Taming an animal starts with its stomach!

Therefore, installing a bird feeder in your garden is still the best way to attract birds, especially robins. Note that there are seed mixes specifically adapted to robins.


Clean nest boxes and feeders

The robin, like all other birds, needs a clean environment. To prevent diseases and parasites, make sure to clean the nest boxes at least once a year (between September and October) and the feeders once a week.

Provide ample water

In addition to food, the robin also needs water to drink. Therefore, install a water source in your garden so it can quench its thirst at will, especially in summer.

Install perches for the robin

Like all birds, the robin likes to perch high up. Therefore, fences and stakes installed in your garden will quickly attract it.


Also, remember to clean the ledges of your windows to encourage it to perch there.

Provide materials for the robin to build its nest

To convince a robin to nest in your garden, gather and leave various materials useful for nest construction, such as:

  • coconut fiber;
  • feathers;
  • twigs.


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