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How Long Can Flowers Plants Go Without Water? (5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Plant)


Every vacation period poses the recurring problem of green plants, which are at risk of dying out during the more or less prolonged absence of their owner.


If you are away in winter, many Green Plants can survive 3 to 4 weeks without watering if it is not too hot.


On the other hand, to save your Green Plants during the summer vacations, it is essential to provide them with water.


How do you take care of the plants while you are away?

The day before departure, the plants are watered and sprayed generously. We don’t hesitate to add a little liquid fertilizer to the watering water in order to provide all the nutrients your plants need.


Before thinking about the different watering solutions, remember that you will more easily recover a plant that has suffered from a lack of water rather than a plant that has suffered from an excess of water!


Too much water is often fatal for plants. Soaked soil does not allow the plant to breathe and the roots end up rotting, which is irremediable for the plant.


So we immediately forget the technique which consists in putting any plant in the bathtub with a bottom of water, at the risk of having an unpleasant surprise on its return!

Some plants like cactus and succulents will forgive you without any problem a prolonged absence, but your cute little capillary or pilea risks to make hara-kiri in absence of water during 2 weeks!


5 tips for taking care of plants while you’re away

1. Obtain water retentive products

Water-retentive granules are available in supermarkets and can be mixed with potting soil. Simply water your plant, these granules will absorb water and then slowly release it back into the plant. You can save 8 to 10 days of non-watering depending on the plant, especially for plants that require very little water.  

2. Do not put your plants near a window.

Placing your plants near a window or bay window exposed to the sun is risking dehydration.

So install your plants in a bright room, because they hate the dark. But don’t place them too close to the window, so that they don’t receive direct sunlight.


3. Putting your plants in the bathtub

For the sensitive plants, it is preferable. You can put them in your bathtub, with in the bottom a large towel or a mop, that you wet abundantly. The water will go up by capillarity to the roots of the plant.


Only small flat. It is fundamental to put the plants, in a bathroom provided with a window. Indeed, if the plant is without light, it does not make any more photosynthesis which allows the creation of chlorophyll (it is what makes a plant green and regenerates it). 


4. Water your plants well before you go on vacation.

You still need to know how to water well, which is quite an art. For that, it is necessary to wet well the compost of its plant. You must water little in several times so that the soil rehydrates properly. 


5. Put your plants in a cool place

If you plan to go on vacation this summer, it is best to put your plants in a cool room. The garage is a possibility, but only if there is enough natural light to keep the plant alive. The ideal is to place your plants where you feel most at home.


Plants that don’t need watering

Some varieties of plants easily tolerate drought and do not require much care since they are extremely robust. It is therefore preferable to opt for varieties that do not require a lot of watering, such as verbena, purslane, California poppy or Rock Daisy, which can withstand hot temperatures.


What if you opt for succulents?

Fatty plants have the particularity of not needing a lot of watering. This variety of plant is indeed adapted to survive in arid environments with hot temperatures. So do not hesitate to plant some in your garden to be more quiet!


Cactus, agave, aloe vera... these succulent plants don’t need too much water since they often store water in their foliage, or draw their need from deep roots. Beware however, succulent plants need well draining soil to avoid root rot!



When we go on summer vacation, our favorite plants and flowers can burn in the sun if we don’t take care of them. The earth can dry up and plants can die. That’s why it’s best to choose varieties that are very heat resistant and don’t need a lot of watering in the garden.


A plant in winter can survive up to 4 weeks if it is not too hot, however, in summer, it is impossible to do without water. We explain how to operate in these situations.

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