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10 Ways to get rid of Thick Blade Grass (Detailed Guide)


Blade grass tends to invade your garden and lawn and this is not a good sign for your plantings. It is advisable to remove them regularly to keep your garden healthy. Here are some tips on how to do it right!


When should I weed blade grass?

You should weed your garden at least once a year, but for best results, you can weed twice. The more often you remove the thick blade grass, the less deeply it will be established in the soil. This will make it easier to remove the roots. It is advisable to consider weeding in the spring and late fall.


In the spring, the plants will wake up and need the best conditions to grow well. If thick blade grass takes over your yard, it will prevent other plants from growing properly. Thick blade grass is often hardier than plants you import into your garden. In turf, thick blade grass is a sign of poor health and will multiply if allowed to germinate. Care must be taken to remove them without waiting for the seeds to hatch.


In the fall, the plantations will go into economic mode. It is then a good idea to remove the blade grass so as not to demand unnecessary work from your soil. The nutrients still in the soil will be more useful for the plants you want to keep to beautify your garden.


10 ways to get rid of thick blade grass

1. Use Alcohol

Do you have 70 proof alcohol in your medicine cabinet? Then you’ve got a great weed killer just waiting for thick blade grass to act! Don’t worry, the recipe is super simple. Just mix 5 tablespoons of alcohol in 1 liter of water and put this mixture in a spray bottle. All you have to do is spray directly on the thick blade grass to kill it naturally.


2. Use Cornmeal

To prevent thick blade grass from growing, sprinkle cornmeal on it. It’s simple, but highly effective! The great thing is that it prevents thick blade grass from germinating, and makes it easier to break down into nitrogen that serves as fertilizer for your lawn and garden!


Don’t worry, it doesn’t kill existing plants, but it does prevent new ones from growing or germinating. Note that this stuff does not kill blade grass per se, but it does prevent new ones from growing.


3. Use Salt

Salt is a great way to easily weed walkways and between flagstones. It’s easy to do! Just pour salt into the gaps to prevent thick blade grass from growing back.


Be careful not to put too much salt in the same place as this can make the area sterile. So don’t put too much salt in places where you want to replant flowers, for example.


4. Use white vinegar

Do you have white vinegar at home? Then you already have a super effective and natural weed killer! To prepare it, nothing could be easier! Simply mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.


Once your weed killer is ready, spray directly on the thick blade grass, insisting on the roots if possible. 2 days later, the thick blade grass will be gone! It’s even more effective if you spray on a sunny day.


5. Take advantage of the Shadows

Yes, like all other plants, thick blade grass also needs light to grow. Without sunlight, these unwanted plants can’t grow and will even die quickly.


To use this trick, simply place newspaper, burlap, coffee grounds or an empty can directly on the thick blade grass. In just a few days, they will wilt and eventually die. Clever, isn’t it?


6. Use boiling water

When you cook something, like potatoes for example, don’t throw the boiling water down the sink! Instead, use it to weed the garden. Not only do you avoid waste, but you also naturally weed your garden.


To do this, simply pour the boiling water directly on the base of the blade grass. The roots will be burned off, and all you have to do is remove the plant by hand.


7. Installing a Ground Cover

When plants are grouped together in one place, they all fight for the same nutrients in the soil as well as water. So don’t let unwanted weeds pump food from your crops. To protect them, cover the blade grass with mowed grass for example. The goal here is to smother them so that they can no longer grow.


8. Use a pair of gloves

This is really the easiest and greenest way to get rid of thick blade grass quickly and permanently. Put on a good pair of gloves, wait until it rains and grab all the thick blade grass in your hand and pull it out of the ground. It’s true that it’s not always easy to get all the root out properly, but with practice you’ll soon get the hang of it.


You can also use a tool such as a small claw or hoe to help you expose the root so you can remove it. You’ll find the full set in this gardening kit.


9. Use dishwashing liquid

Do you have dishwashing liquid at home? Then you have an effective weed killer without knowing it! In fact, dishwashing liquid is another effective trick to eliminate thick blade grass with an everyday product that we all have.


To prepare this natural weed killer, it is not complicated. Simply mix equal parts dishwashing liquid and water in a spray bottle. Then spray directly on the thick blade grass. It doesn’t get any easier than this!


10. Use fire

Yes, you may not have thought about it, but burning thick blade grass is a very effective way to get rid of it. Not only does it get rid of them, but the ashes left behind also serve as fertilizer for other plants.


This is very useful when a whole part of the garden is literally invaded by thick blade grass. Be careful to watch the burning area so that you don’t burn it all down!

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