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9 Ways to Keep Birds off Fruit Trees (Detailed Explanation)


You’ve spent so much time taking care of your garden that it would be a shame to have birds come and ruin all your hard work. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks you can use to scare birds away. Here are some of them.


Why keep birds away from fruit trees?

Birds are friends of our gardens and are active in pollinating flowers and killing pests, grubs and slugs. However, at certain times of the year, they can cause more or less important damage. This is when they may need to be removed temporarily, but never in a way that harms them.


Unwanted birds in the orchard

Smaller sparrows, such as sparrows, finches, robins, chickadees or swallows, do not cause much of a nuisance in the garden. The problem comes from large passerines (blackbirds, starlings, magpies, etc.), as well as doves and pigeons.


It is probably in the orchard that birds are the most undesirable, capable of robbing cherry trees in record time and plundering currant, raspberry and black currant bushes in the process. Plums, apples and pears are not disdained for all that. Remember: the birds most fond of fruit are blackbirds and starlings.


Unwanted birds in the vegetable garden

In the vegetable garden, seedlings and young shoots can be pecked by birds. Ripe tomatoes and strawberries are a juicy treat for thirsty passerines, who sometimes seek to quench their thirst.


9 ways to scare birds away

1. Place strips of aluminum foil

You can find them in stores, or even in your kitchen. Simply hang strips where the birds go to watch them fly away. A length of 20 inches is sufficient:

For a cherry tree: hang them from the branches, about 20 strips will do,


For a shrub or a vegetable garden: hang them between two stakes, between 5 and 10 will do.

Place them when the fruits start to become appetizing to the birds, i.e. when they start to turn color. You can remove them when the harvest is over.


2. Dig out your old CDs

Do you have old albums in your closet that you haven’t listened to in a while? You’re right not to get rid of them! Here’s how to turn your old favorites into bird repellents: glue 2 CDs together, with the reflective sides facing out, and place them in your trees: between 10 and 20 are enough.


You can reinforce the effect by making them make noise: hang a metal object, like a nut, on your CD. With the wind, the sound produced will not be to your enemies’ taste.


Beware: you can also find metal cat heads in stores. Even if these scarecrows are cuter than others, you should know that they are not very effective.


3. Use cade oil

You can also soak a rag in cade oil, which you hang from a tree or stake in the vegetable garden. An awful smell for these winged creatures that will quickly pack up!


That bird will never set foot in here again!


4. Hang up some smoked or sautéed herring

The smell of this fish will put off your sworn enemies, but don’t abuse it to avoid becoming a strong player in food waste!


5. Install a radio

Turn on the radio near your tree or plantation, and let’s hear some music! You can even have fun listening to your old albums on CD instead of hanging them up: you’ll be able to watch the birds fly away while feeling nostalgic for the best music of your time!


6. Set up a net

One method that won’t leave a chance: a net. It’s simple: no birds will be able to sneak in! The only drawback: your garden will be less aesthetic.


7. Distract their attention by placing food elsewhere

If the birds are feasting on your tomatoes, strawberries and cherries, you need to offer them something else! Invest in some birdseed and place it in a feeder. Most birds will turn away from your orchard and plantings!


8. Stretch out nylon strings

This technique, similar to netting, will be used to essentially protect your seedlings. Lay nylon strings over them, spaced about 4 inches apart.


9. The raptor kite

Set up a predator scare like a raptor kite. It is shaped like a raptor and takes the place of scarecrows. You can set it up at the top of the cherry tree, and it will scare the birds away.


How to scare away birds on a balcony?

Does your balcony seem to be a haven of peace for pigeons? You can’t stand seeing these flying rats at your door… Especially since some of them don’t even mind doing their business! And even when these city birds are not invading your home, you would like to enjoy the silence… Fortunately, there are solutions!


Here are 6 things you can do to keep birds off your balcony:

  1. Don’t leave food lying around,
  2. Place spices: pepper, curry, cinnamon… This will not please their beaks,
  3. Hang up CDs and aluminum strips,
  4. Buy a windmill: its movements will drive the birds away,
  5. Use a repellent spray: try one without chemicals,
  6. Use a repellent spray: try one without chemicals, Use Plexiglas or PVC: they will slide off and not stay on.
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