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12 Plants For Rectangular Pots (Complete List)


What better choice than flowers with warm and sunny tones and especially adapted to the season. In the rectangular pot, antemisia, geranium, falling petunia and marigold can be found, for a stunning result!


Growing plants in rectangular pots

Rectangular pot culture implies some precautions, because on the one hand, evaporation in this type of container is much faster than in the open ground and on the other hand, the available substrate is limited.


In hot regions or on a south-facing balcony, your plants may quickly suffer, so it will be wise to choose plants that can withstand these somewhat special conditions without making you a slave to the watering can.


12 plants for rectangular pots

1. Ficoïde

These multicolored daisies that usually make wonderful ground covers will look great in your rectangular pots.


2. Gazania

These beautiful striped flowers of flamboyant colors have a long flowering period (from May to October).


3. Ivy geranium

This plant with the falling port, of a pure white, has a beautiful round form. Its very good resistance leads it to last (flowering from May to November).


4. Purslane with large flowers

This fast growing annual plant offers beautiful variations of red, orange, pink, white or yellow. It blooms all summer long and will be able to adorn your garden but also your pots and rectangular pots.


5. Anthemis

With its easy culture, in the sun and in drained soil, Anthemis is an ideal plant for flowering pots or flowerbeds.


6. Euryops

Euryops is the daisy of savannah. It blooms from spring to summer and poses no problem for maintenance. 


7. Falling petunia

The falling petunia finds its place in rectangular pots. They like to be in an airy place so that they do not suffer from humidity when it rains. 


8. Red Sage

Sage is grown annually. It offers a long flowering in dense spikes decorated with scarlet red flowers. Reliable, vigorous, resistant to bad weather, it must be planted in the sun, in fresh, light and drained soil.


9. California poppy

Made for the summer, it withstands heat, drought and poor soils. Its warm and bright color palette radiates under the sun. It is an annual plant which offers a very long bloom above an ornamental foliage. 


10. Knight of eleven

This herbaceous plant is used as an ornamental plant.


11. Falling Verbena

Verbena, although perennial, is grown as an annual and requires little care. 


12. Osteospermum

The Osteospermum is a perennial with remarkable flowers and generous bloom. The variety of color that it proposes goes from white to pink, while passing by the blue or the purple.


Choosing your potting soil

Of course, for a rectangular pot that remains beautiful throughout the season, a good growing medium should be used: good quality potting soil for flowering plants (which usually already contains fertilizer), or a mixture of garden soil + compost enriched potting soil or fertilizer (slow-release or organic fertilizer).


Pay attention to drainage: the bottom of rectangular pots must be perforated (this may be necessary if drainage holes are missing; this is the case for some plastic containers) and no saucers full of water should be left under the pots.


To marry the good plants in rectangular pot

The first question is: which plants to combine in a rectangular pot? The choice of plants depends first of all on the exposure. Depending on whether the rectangular pot will be placed in full sun or squarely in the shade, the same species cannot be used. Do not plant sunny plants and shade plants together!


Tips for beautiful compositions in rectangular pots

  • People think they can save money by buying cheap pots, but most of the time they are not frost resistant and will fall apart over the years. If you want to keep your pots for several years, invest in solid clay, metal or resin pots, but avoid plastics that harden, crack and break in less than two years.
  • Plants that share the same rectangular pot should have the same needs: exposure, frequency of watering, type of soil (light and drained, or fresh and rich);
  • For flowering plants, choose long-flowering species that will remain beautiful from late spring to fall.
  • Don’t neglect plants with decorative foliage, useful to flesh out a composition, to give it durability when flowering runs out of steam, lightness (fine and cut foliage) or color (silvery foliage, red foliage, golden foliage…) ;
  • Vary the heights: associate tall, slender plants with low and stocky plants;
  • Vary also the shapes of the flowers, the leaves, the textures;



Time to fill the rectangular pots that will decorate balconies and facades all summer long! Which plants to choose? How to match them, how to plant them to be sure of an abundant and long-lasting bloom? We present you 12 plants to use for rectangular pots!

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