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14 Plants For A Basement (Detailed List)


The basement is a place where you practice your hobby.  Depending on the space available, why not decorate this living space with one or more plants.


Here are 14 of them, which will easily withstand the lack of light in a basement.

Of course, there are other green plants that live well in dark corners of a house, but these are the most common and easiest to find.


14 plants to put in your basement

1. Dracaena

Dracaena is a beautiful houseplant that you can grow at home. There are about 50 species. It is really easy to grow plants.


Occasional pruning and regular watering are important for dracaena. Keep the plant out of the sun and avoid excessive watering.


2. Bromeliads

The bromeliad is an ideal plant for the culture in inside. The majority of the varieties of this plant grow easily in a container in the shade. Indeed, it is a tropical plant, but you can cultivate it anywhere, indoors. It can even grow in luminescent light.


3. Mountain Palm

The most popular indoor palm variety, it is an excellent indoor plant for almost any situation, it grows even in those dark corners where nothing will grow anymore.

It requires little care and moderate light. It produces clusters of tiny yellow flowers in the spring, but they do not appear in low light conditions.


Water only when the soil is dry, otherwise you will kill your plant with excessive watering.


4. Alternate-leaved Cyperus

The alternate-leaved Cyperus is an evergreen ornamental plant, to be grown indoors or in the shade. Many amateurs of indoor plants find this plant rather easy to cultivate and to maintain.


5. Mother-in-law’s tongue (Snake plant)

The tongue of the mother-in-law is a plant requiring little maintenance, also called snake plant. It is a very durable and popular houseplant. Its capacity to tolerate darkness is incredible. We love it!


6. Dwarf Fig Tree


It is a climbing plant with slow growth with a small coriaceous dark green foliage. Dense, hanging and vigorously growing branches adhere to any surface and have an enchanting appearance.

Allow the soil to dry out before watering.


7. Calathea (Peacock Plant)

One of the most beautiful foliage plants you should grow at home. It grows well in the shade, but the plant is demanding. It must respect a minimum temperature of 55 °F).


It prefers frequent watering (watering should be done according to light and temperature) and slightly damp soil.


8. Maranta Leuconeura (prayer plant)

Calatheas are tropical plants and therefore they will have difficulty growing indoors, but this prayer plant is a good alternative. It is an easy plant to cultivate.


It grows well under a moderate light without direct access to the sun. If the plant is too brightly lit, the leaves start to curl and fade. Beware of parasites, especially mites.


9. Sword fern

The sword fern can become a beautiful evergreen house plant. Like other houseplants, do not expose it to direct sunlight.

It grows well in acidic soils. Keep the soil slightly moist, but well drained. The plant likes humid environments, it is thus recommended to mist it regularly to maintain the humidity level.


10. Peperomia

Peperomia is a small indoor plant which strikes up to 8 inches in height. Because of its thick foliage, it is often considered succulent, which is not true.


Peperomia likes slightly wet soils and humidity, but watering should be reduced in winter. Spraying the leaves of the plant is useful to maintain the humidity level.


11. Devil’s ivy (Golden Pothos / Silver plant)

Commonly known as a money plant in Southeast Asia, it is widely grown as a houseplant in Asian countries. This very low maintenance vine grows without direct sunlight.


Excellent climber, you can grow it even in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. It is known for its ability to remove carbon monoxide from the air.


12. Carex Morrowii (Japanese sedge)

Japanese sedge is a shade-loving ornamental grass that grows well indoors.


13. Chlorophyton

Its graceful cream-colored striped green foliage looks great in baskets and hanging pots. It can be placed on window sills or near the entrance of the house because it likes indirect light. In addition, this plant is an air purification plant.

Direct sunlight often causes the leaves to burn.


14. Peace Lilies

If you often forget to water your houseplants, acquiring a Peace Lily is forgiving. It’s incredibly easy to grow, Peace Lilies thrive in shady places. This plant also cleans the air



Would you like to install houseplants in a dimly lit room? Don’t deprive yourself of it, treat yourself and plant your offices with plants that don’t require too much light to live.


It is quite possible to grow plants in a low-light interior, but it is necessary to know the metabolism of the plant and to adapt to its rhythm, to offer it periods of exposure in full light, so that it can remobilize its reserves to ensure its development.


Concretely, light allows plants to produce the energy necessary for their development. Thus, many plants in the absence of light die quickly and die, but other plants can withstand periods of shade or even darkness quite important, while continuing to develop.


We present you 14 plants that you can place in your basement without any problem.

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