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7 Different Things a Cactus symbolize (Detailed List)


As you may know, flowers and plants have a language, a meaning, and even more so when you want to offer them for a specific event. Therefore, it is important to know the meaning of flowers and their symbolism to avoid making mistakes.


Cacti are fascinating plants that are full of meanings. Whether it is their spiritual significance or their meaning when received as a gift, these enigmatic plants have not finished surprising us. Let’s take a look at the different meanings of the cactus.


The Symbolism of the Cactus

Did you know that all flowers have their own meaning? Knowing their symbolism is not an easy task as they are so varied. The meaning of the cactus flower is particularly interesting, as it can have opposite meanings.


For example, in traditional Japanese culture, giving a cactus flower to someone clearly means that you are sexually attracted to that person. On the other hand, in Western countries, the cactus flower is considered to be a symbol of chastity and abstinence, because of the thorns of the plant from which it comes. Thus, the meaning of a cactus in love is double meaning. It’s up to you to choose which one you want to give it.


But the symbolism of the cactus does not stop there. The cactus has a very special place in Mexico, so much so that it is even found in the center of the Mexican national flag. It is more particularly the opuntia cactus, the famous prickly pear whose fruits are consumed since the dawn of time in this region of the world.


This one is topped by an eagle holding a snake in its beak. The legend tells that at the time of the Aztec empire, the inhabitants would have seen an eagle perched on a cactus, holding a snake between its talons. This eagle would have indicated the place where to build the capital of the empire: Mexico-Tenochtitlan.


Does a cactus symbolize strength?

The cactus is, in fact, a plant that symbolizes strength, endurance, tenacity. Indeed, they are strong, durable and very resistant plants, which survive in arid environments where there is very little rain.


If someone gives you a cactus as a gift, maybe they think you’re a fighter who has risen from the ashes. Or maybe they want to inspire you to stay strong if you ever get through a bad patch.


Does a cactus symbolize love?

In Native American culture, the cactus is a plant that symbolizes love and maternal protection. Because cacti can survive in harsh conditions, they have become a symbol of unconditional maternal love. A mother’s love is strong and enduring like a cactus!


The cactus also represents maternal care because of its medicinal properties. Native Americans used it to heal wounds and digestive disorders. So if someone gives you a cactus, it could mean that they love and care about you.


The meaning of a cactus gift can take many forms. Whether it’s to symbolize strength or love, our faux cactus decoration is a great gift for those you love.


Is cactus good inside the house?

The significance of the cactus in a home is often related to the Feng Shui philosophy. Feng Shui is the practice of harmonizing one’s living spaces to create a balance with the natural world. The purpose of this Chinese art is to harness the energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and his environment.


According to Feng Shui philosophy, cacti are aggressive plants because of their thorns. They are said to carry negative energy and prevent the Chi from flowing properly. In other words, if you want to have them in your home, you will have to place them in so-called free zones, that is to say places that are not living areas as such. This is the case, for example, of the entrance, the balcony or the garden. By the way, we have a very good article that will help you decorate your garden with cacti.


However, the spiritual significance of the cactus in the Feng Shui philosophy can still be useful. Indeed, because of their aggressive character, they bring security and protection against intruders or malicious visitors.


What does a cactus mean spiritually?

Plants often have their place in a “Feng Shui” house, because some of them would bring good energies. On the other hand, others would bring negative energies (Shar Chi or Sha) and would therefore be forbidden.


This is the case of cacti: their prickly and aggressive spines would bring negative energy. Thus, one should avoid placing a cactus in most of the rooms of the house because the cactus is assimilated to aggressiveness, which would prevent the Chi from circulating correctly.


On the other hand, it is quite possible to place a few cactuses in your home if you are going to be away for a while, as some would say that the thorns of the cactus symbolize protection against unwanted visitors!


Meaning of Cactus in Latin

Let’s start with a little etymological reminder. The meaning of the word cactus comes from the Latin “cactus” which is spelled “cacti” in the plural. This Latin word is itself taken from the ancient Greek “kaktos” which means thistle. The meaning of cactus in Greek is therefore not very different from the meaning we give it today. Indeed, the definition of the word cactus designates it as a sub-family of fatty plants with fleshy stems provided with spines.


What does a cactus tattoo means?

The giant Saguaro cactus grows in the North American desert and is often used for cactus tattoos. It was very significant to the Native American tribes who used it for many centuries. Native Americans used nature to give meaning to life, so their tattoos, totems and war paintings were often inspired by cacti.


Today, a cactus tattoo can have many meanings. It can symbolize the resilience of people who have overcome great changes in their lives. Or protection because of the medicinal properties of the cactus. Or simply, one can get a cactus tattoo because of its beauty, without any particular meaning.

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