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Plants That Repel Geckos (And 5 Others Ways To Get Rid Of Them)


Geckos can be excellent for controlling the insect population in your home, but sometimes you want to get them out. There are many ways to do this, including eggshells, which are very effective against geckos, but there are also plants that make them flee, here are 2 of them:

  • The foul hellebore
  • Ruta graveolens


2 Plants that scare away geckos (and snakes)

Cultivating the foul Helleborus

Helleborus foetidus is a helleborus caulinary. It produces a thick, straight, green-yellow, thick, straight stem with foliage, especially in the upper part. Its large leaves are composed of 7 to 11 fine and lanceolate leaflets, arranged in fans. Their blade is tough, dark green. These beautiful leaves form a rounded top of about fifty centimeters in diameter. This foliage is evergreen and remains interesting all year round.


Although Helleborus was once used as a medicinal plant, supposed to cure madness (its name would come from helibar, the Semitic name for a remedy against madness, or helein, to kill and bora, food), it is actually very toxic, due to the presence of glucosides, helleborine and helleborein, as well as saponin, among others. The whole plant is toxic, but especially the root.


Known under the name of vipéciane, the hellebore fetid has the power to keep snakes away. However, this plant remains extremely toxic and you will have to handle it with gloves. In fact, it is more suitable for people without children and pets.


Cultivating the ruta graveolens

The stinking street is a plant known as rue officinale, rue fétide or rue des jardins. Like the foul hellebore, it gives off a very nauseating odor for snakes. However, it creates strong allergies in humans. This plant is thus also reserved for the most experienced gardeners, without children and without pets.


It is preferable to wear gloves to manipulate the Street because it is known to be photo-sensitizing, i.e. the latex produced by its leaves can cause burns.




5 other methods to get rid of the gecko


It is a very effective and inexpensive way to scare geckos. When they see eggshells, they take them for predators. Leave eggshell halves all over your home, in the garden and near doorways.

  • Do not crush the shells, you must keep them whole.
  • It should be enough to put two halves of eggshells on each starter. Geckos should fall on them to escape quickly.
  • To keep eggshells fresh, change them every three to four weeks.


Sticky traps

Many insects feed geckos are attracted by light, that’s why you will often find geckos there. By placing flypaper near the light sources, you will get rid of these flying nuisances, but you might also catch geckos.

  • Try to install the flypaper inside the lampshade.
  • You can also install sticky traps near windows or door frames.
  • If you find a gecko stuck on one of your traps, you can peel it off and release it by pouring vegetable oil on the trap. It’s not very clean, but at least you’re not hurting it!


Using onions

Onion slices are another irritating product that geckos will avoid. Cut an onion in half and leave it in an area where geckos often pass through, preferably in a warm and comfortable place where you have seen geckos basking or near a door frame.


Trap the gecko and let it go

If you are facing a stubborn gecko that doesn’t want to leave your home, you can try to capture it by hand by trapping it in a box against the wall and encouraging it to enter the box. You can then release it back into the wild and install repellents.


Using pepper spray in your home

Irritation caused by tear bombs in men is similar to that felt by geckos that come into contact with pepper. Mix pepper and water in a spray bottle and sprinkle the solution all over your home, for example under the refrigerator, behind the couch or on the walls, in fact, in all warm places where you have seen geckos.

  • You can replace pepper with cayenne pepper or chilli powder .
  • You can also replace the pepper with tabasco sauce.
  • Caution: if you spray too much of it, it will also prevent you from going home, beware of the irritating effect of the solution.



Do you have little geckos that have invited themselves into your home? You can find out by looking at their little black or brown excrement with a white tip.


You will be even more sure if you see them crawling on the walls! Even if geckos are your allies against insects and spiders, they can also be a nuisance and sometimes you have to take action to remind them that they are not welcome in your home.

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