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9 Decorative lighting for Indoor Plants (Detailed List)


Some houseplants can thrive in low light, but if your indoor garden plants need direct sunlight or long hours of light per day, you’ll probably need a grow light for your garden.


Decorative houseplant lights come in different shapes, sizes, brightnesses and prices. You may think that grow lights will be too expensive, but there are options for every budget.


9 decorative lamps for your indoor plants

1. 12 LEDs Plant Lamp

This plant lamp contains 12 red LEDs (660nm) and 6 blue LEDs (450nm) on each tube. The advanced growth LED provides a wide spectrum of light with a wavelength of 400nm to 840nm, similar to sunlight. The red light is ideal for flowering and fruiting, while the blue light is perfect for promoting stem and leaf growth. Both can be fully absorbed by plants.


2. LED Seedling/Horticultural Light

This seedling and small indoor plant grow light includes 64 LEDs in 630-660nm, 28 LEDs in 420-460nm and 8 LEDs in 3000-3500K, its total wavelength is 380-800nm, ideal for all plants in the growing stage. Therefore, this lamp is perfectly suitable for the flowering and fruiting stage.


3. Plant lamp with 3 wings

The decorative plant lamp with 3 wings provides a perfect mix of colors with warm and cool white light, as well as diversified red and blue lights. The folded design makes it easy to adjust the angle and distance between the light and plants.


Multi-row LED chips expand the light area to provide more effective illumination to plants. IP54 quality prevents water mist from touching the lamp beads and solder joints, improving service life and safety.


4. Bozily 300W Horticultural LED Grow Lamp

This decorative full spectrum led lamp comes in the form of a double-headed gooseneck. Robust and functional, it will allow you to adjust its diffusion angle and the distance between its bulbs and your indoor plants. Efficient and qualitative, this model offers an enlarged lighting zone to promote the growth of several plants.


In addition, it diffuses a full spectrum of light similar to the sun to ensure uniformity of light, essential for plants. Compatible with most species, this decorative LED lamp has a sturdy clip that allows you to easily attach it anywhere. Its dimmable bulbs will offer you the choice between 4 levels of brightness.


Supplied with its power cord, the Bozily led horticultural lamp is carefully designed to dissipate heat. Thus, it manages to optimize its lifespan. If you wish, you can use it with an external timer.


5. Ulikey full spectrum horticultural led lamp

Specially designed to promote plant growth, this lamp contains 225 high quality LED beads to emit a light similar to that emitted by the sun.  This full spectrum light will allow you to offer a healthy and fast growth to your plants.


In terms of heat dissipation, this model seems convincing. High thermal conductivity is guaranteed by a refined aluminum plate while the panel limits its overheating. Thus, the longevity of the lamp is optimized.


The 165 red LEDs will promote the flowering and fruiting of indoor plants. As for the blue leds, they will encourage the growth of stems and leaves. This lamp has a power of 45 W and weighs a little more than 1 kg. Its irradiation range is estimated at about 2 m2.


To promote the growth of your plants, this horticultural lamp should be hung above them. Thus, you will encourage the process of photosynthesis.  The fixing material is included in the kit.


6. Decorative LED lamp: COB 1000W SZIVYSHI

With its 44 built-in LEDs and full spectrum, this lamp is able to provide sun-like light to promote the growth of your plants. By adjusting its light intensity, you can meet the needs of your plants at different stages of growth.


Easy to install, this hanging horticultural lamp will be delivered with its fixing material. So you can enjoy its features without waiting. Your indoor plants will grow faster and healthier. Moreover, this device is designed to dissipate heat and thus prolong its life. It is estimated to last up to 50,000 hours.


With a 3-year warranty, this decorative LED lamp is compatible with a wide range of indoor plant species. It weighs about 1 kg, has a power of 1,000 W and its suspension kit is made of stainless steel. Its power cable will be provided.


7. Full spectrum LED grow lamp

Qomolo brand full spectrum LED indoor plant lamp is the latest trend for indoor plants. The advanced LED grow technology offers a wide light spectrum with wavelengths ranging from 380nm to 780nm (similar to sunlight), which is suitable for all phases of plant growth. It has 3 timer modes(3H/9H/12H.)


8. Roleadro Led Culture

This powerful 45W grow lamp offers indoor growers a quantity of 169 LEDs, 117 of which are red and 52 are blue. This color balance has been precisely studied to allow better living and growing conditions for your indoor culture. In addition, this model can cover 1 to 2 square meters of surface and has an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours.


9. Aokey LED Plant Lamp

Aokey offers gardening enthusiasts an economical, flexible and adjustable decorative lamp to optimize its scope. It uses 78 LEDs and a particularly efficient wavelength. Its lifespan of over 50,000 hours is all the more impressive.


Choosing a decorative lamp for your indoor plants

There are tons of choices when it comes to lighting, but standard fixtures with two cool white fluorescent tubes are an inexpensive option. A combination of cool white fluorescent tubes and daylight fluorescent tubes also work. LEDs are another choice that use less energy.


Buy a kit pre-equipped with either type of light, or hang the lights on a chain and hang them above your plants on a regular shelf. Stand-alone lights are also available. For seed starting, seedlings need 12 to 16 hours of light per day, so set a timer, as plants also need periods of darkness to grow.


Tips for choosing the best UV light for your indoor garden

Decorative grow lights provide a convenient and economical source of artificial sunlight, so your seedlings, indoor herb gardens and houseplants can thrive year-round.


All-inclusive lights and kits are easy to use, but there are a wide variety of decorative lights to choose from.


From LED strips to fluorescent tubes, each has its own characteristics and strengths. And a basic knowledge of their features can help you make a more effective decision when buying.

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