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7 Plants For Designers & Decorator (Interior Design Guide)


In botany as in fashion, or in decoration, there are trends, must-haves, missteps and pieces that make people talk about them on social networks, especially on Instagram. We present you the designers’ favorite plants.


7 interior plants for designers

1) The Philodendron

This artificial plant remains a must all year round, for the more airy spaces, then it is evasive.  You will be seduced by its lush, serrated foliage and its tropical appearance.  Its bright green will bring warmth and comfort to your room.


2) The Bird of Paradise

To create a stunning effect, opt for the bird of paradise!  Just like the philodendron, this more design-looking artificial plant will impress with its presence and will fill in the free space left by the fir tree while providing an assured tropical atmosphere!


3) Bamboo

This large yet slender artificial plant will add the finishing touch to your decor while transforming your home into a true oasis of well-being. It is given a soothing, zen nature.


Straight, it is used in smaller spaces or also, by grouping them together, to subdivide the space of 2 rooms to create a more cosy atmosphere.  Place it in a pretty decorative basket to give your room a natural look. 


4) The Olive Tree

As original as it is decorative, the artificial olive tree will add a romantic effect to your room. With its delicate foliage, this artificial tree will look as real as nature. The density of the wood of the olive tree will bring robustness and character to its presence among your decorative elements. Carry it in a large decorative pot to give your interior a typically Mediterranean intimate atmosphere. 


5) The Hosta

With its large rounded and bicolored leaves, this plant will bring light to your room and will easily become the centerpiece that will make all your guests chatter. Of small size, it can be placed on a table, or at the base of a fireplace or a piece of furniture.  To make it stand out even more, choose a planter that will match your decor and you’re done!


6) The Cordyline

To create an interesting visual effect, opt for artificial cordyline.  With its marbled look, and depending on the variety, it is sometimes found in pinkish color, it will bring color to your environment. Moreover, this plant will be the perfect element to add a small touch of greenery to your interior.  Designers like it particularly for its leaves tinted of various tones of green, white and pinkish.


7) The Palm Tree

Often associated with tropical and exotic decorations, palm trees are now among the most popular plants to decorate the home.  Entirely designed to look as natural as possible, this exotic tree has become the symbol par excellence of artificial plant decoration… and vacations! 


Moreover, it allows you to create a structured and harmonious space which are two golden rules for a good arrangement of small and large spaces. 


5 plants setup for designers

1) A wall stake for climbing plants

The Anno de Compagnie plant tutors for the house, are presented as a wall trellis made of metal modules, suspended from wooden hooks. These diamond or hexagon shaped modules are assembled together in the playful shape of a honeycomb.


It will be necessary to place pots or planter boxes of climbing plants (indoor ivy, house vine…) under the composition, in order to see the plants growing with the help of this structure. The result, very graphic, dresses the walls of the house in green and metal. 


2) A ladder on which to hang your small indoor vegetable garden.

The Satsumas de Ikea decorative pedestal, in the shape of a ladder on which pots hang, is ideal for gardening when space is limited. It can be placed in the kitchen to grow, for example, the herbs that will perfume good small cooked dishes. 


The pots can be placed one on top of the other to save space. Designers like this bamboo product because it is practical, aesthetic and original at the same time. This ladder is a good decoration idea which is very suitable for small kitchens. 


3) A suspension half planter box half light box

One side light and the other side plant, that’s what the Swedish brand Markslöjd offers, combining functionality and Scandinavian design to offer here an exceptional lighting for the home, on which you can place your indoor plants.


The metal top in which the LED lights are embedded becomes a suspended shelf, perfect to accommodate the most beautiful planter boxes. Designers love this light placed above the dining room table that illuminates the dinner table literally and figuratively. 


4) A mobile for hanging flowers

This Madam Stoltz mobile allows you to hang a multitude of small glass containers on the wall or ceiling to let pretty flowers rest in a little water. Gracious and poetic, this nature mobile made with wood branches is an affordable decoration accessory to bring a little natural freshness in an apartment. 


5) An indoor suspension to highlight the plants at home

Daniel de Compagnie suspensions are geometric steel structures with a minimalist look. A flowerpot simply rests at the heart of the structure that is suspended from the ceiling.


The structure, very chic, appears like a golden cage for the plant, open on the house. Each of the versions proposed in the range can be used upside down or upside down, allowing you to play with shapes, the ideal being to combine several suspensions side by side at different heights in the house.



In the space of a few years, houseplants have become an essential part of decoration. It is true that these plants bring color, fantasy and a touch of nature in our living rooms.


Problem, all species are not made to survive in the same environment. The atmosphere of a room playing a determining role in the choice of vegetation, consult our guide before starting to dress your living room with the most suitable green plants.

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