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11 plants to put on top of Refrigerator (Detailed List)


Often, in a modern interior, the kitchen is the heart of the apartment / house. And, of course, I want to fill the special area with oxygen and comfort, arranging elegant flower pots with beautiful flowers.


The top of the refrigerator is an easy place in the kitchen to decorate with plants, because usually it is an empty space that tends to be forgotten. We will not necessarily put frames there, because they lack volume.


You don’t necessarily put dishes there because it’s not practical. On the other hand, plants decorate without too much maintenance. (You only need to clean the top of the fridge from time to time, dust the plants and water them).


Can I put plants on top of my fridge?

Yes, it is possible to put plants on top of your fridge, and it can even be recommended if you choose the right plants; indeed, some of them will even clean the air in your kitchen.


Indeed, sometimes, a refrigerator placed in front of a window but far from it is a good solution. The flower is not threatened by a draught, nor by the cold, nor by cats, nor by direct sunlight.


11 plants to put above your fridge

1. Chlorophytum comosum

The best thing about Chlorophytum is that it can withstand more or less everything, and it belongs to the family of depolluting plants. In other words, we put it on the refrigerator and we water it from time to time, it takes care of the rest, even when we don’t have a green thumb.


Especially for the decorative effect, since its pretty cream-veined leaves look great on the counter or on top of a cupboard. Note that it is also called spider plant or phalanx.


2. The philodendron

We love it in the kitchen for its large, jagged leaves with a truly exotic look, even though it is rather easy to live with.


An ultra-trendy green plant in decoration, the philodendron is also one of the most resistant and flourishes easily in a nice pot, in a sunny place without direct rays. Perfect on the refrigerator, therefore, for a beautiful decorative effect to be declined according to the desires and varieties!


3. The monstera deliciosa

The monstera is not only the trendy plant of the moment, but it also has the power to purify the air. Its graphic looking leaves give a jungle feel to your home and that’s why it can be found in most living rooms, terraces or even the office!


In addition to being particularly aesthetic, it is an easy plant to maintain thanks to its robust and imposing foliage. The monstera grows very quickly, moreover the climbing varieties can reach two meters high!


4. Spathiphyllum

It looks like a miniature arum with its pretty white flowers and its elongated bright green leaves. Spathiphyllum is the exotic plant we all want to have in the kitchen, since it needs a lot of light without being directly exposed, usually one of the features on top of a refrigerator.


And besides being decorative, it is classified as a depolluting plant. It will never make up for good ventilation, but it can only do so much good!


5. The Dracaena

The dracaena or dragon tree is probably the most famous green depolluting plant, and with its large size, it can be grown in a pot on the refrigerator.


A nice way to green the room while absorbing pollutants, for a pretty plant with long leaves striped in clumps … easy to maintain, moreover. You just have to place it in a sunny place, turn the pot regularly and water it from time to time to enjoy it!


6. The areca

This is certainly the best plant to purify your indoor air. This small palm tree reduces harmful particles and increases the oxygen content in the room.


7. The calathea

The spectacular thing about the calathea is that its leaves move throughout the day! At sunrise, the leaves unfold to better capture the light. In the evening, they tighten while sharing a soft rustling.


8. The Syngonium

Under this complicated name hides a plant from Central America, enough to offer a jungle note to the kitchen. With its green arrow-shaped leaves streaked with white or yellow, it is one of the easiest decorative plants to care for, as long as you don’t flood it before letting the water stagnate in the dish.


For the rest, a minimum of light, a few gentle words from time to time and the syngonium flourishes on top of the refrigerator.


9. Dieffenbachia

This is another one that makes an impression in the kitchen, with its large leaves with a cream to yellow center. And if it’s famous, it’s as much for its looks as for its ease of care: the dieffenbachia is one of the houseplants recommended for beginners, because it’s so robust and easy to care for.


If it is happy, it may even start to flower, or rather produce large arum-like inflorescences.


10. The pothos

Another houseplant categorized as easy to grow. This pretty green plant with heart-shaped leaves marbled with yellow is content with average light, episodic watering and normal temperature.


As much to say that it is divine above a refrigerator, especially on a piece of furniture or a shelf from where its falling leaves will be able to drip quietly to dress up the decoration. An original detail? The more light it catches, the more intense the color of its leaves.


11. The aglaonema

We don’t always know its name, but we do know its leaves: aglaonma comes in many varieties, all with delicately variegated leaves ranging from silver to pink.


A real decorative bonus in the kitchen, and we let you imagine the jungle effect for who decides to place several aglaonema of different colors in the room… The green plant does not even need much light, as long as the watering is regular, it is happy.

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