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How Often Should You Water A Pineapple Plant? (Growing Complete Guide)


The pineapple is a plant from the family of bromeliads. It requires a constant humidity, but especially a lot of luminosity. In summer, it is not necessary to hesitate to put the plant outside, even in full sun. Without forgetting to water it regularly because the lack of water will certainly delay its growth, which is already very long.


How do I water a pineapple?

Regular but moderate watering is necessary because pineapple comosus does not require a lot of water.


Watering a pineapple in spring and summer

Keep the potting soil slightly moist and apply liquid green plant fertilizer every two weeks.

Water ideally with water at room temperature and as little limescale as possible.


Watering a pineapple in autumn and winter

Reduce watering to wait until the soil surface is dry between waterings.

Also reduce fertilizer application to once a month.


How do you grow a pineapple from home?

Grow pineapple in water or soil

Once tasted, it is best to free the crown of leaves from the remaining flesh. Or to turn this crown directly on itself to detach it from the fruit, and then… to taste!  Some gardeners also recommend removing the first row of leaves to allow for easier branching.


Therefore, two methods can be applied.

  • The first and fastest way is to place the pineapple crown in a glass of water. Once the roots have formed at the base of the “trunk”, it will be possible to plant it directly in the ground.
  • The most patient among us can choose to place the top of the pineapple (still without flesh) directly into a previously moistened soil.


In both cases, it is advisable to cut slightly the end of the leaves in order not to tire the plant too much during the recovery. This method which can be applied for a good number of cuttings will allow him to have less surface to make transpire the night.


Indoor pineapple care

Planting, repotting of pineapple comosus

Pineapple comosus is a plant that needs rich, well-drained soil to grow. A special bromeliad soil proves to be a better solution for pineapple comosus.


  • Pineapple comosus develops very few roots, so a small pot diameter (about 15 cm) is sufficient.
  • Repotting is only done when you want to separate the shoots.
  • Pineapple comosus needs a well-drained substrate, so adding a little sand can be a plus.
  • The roots of the pineapple comosus are afraid of excess water.
  • Make sure that the jar is well pierced at the bottom.

The right exposure for pineapple

The comosus pineapple needs a temperature between 64 and 75°F which must never fall below 59°F.

  • He dreads the sun’s rays when they come directly on the pineapple comosus.
  • It therefore needs good light but without direct sunlight.
  • Avoid absolutely the proximity of a heat source like a radiator because this plant of tropical origin needs humidity.


Pineapple comosus also needs a good moisture content.

  • In winter, place the jar on a bed of clay or gravel balls constantly in the water, without the jar being in contact with the water.
  • Evaporation allows the pineapple to take advantage of the humidity in the air.


Additional tip

When buying pineapple, it will be interesting to be able to get a fruit from organic farming to multiply the chances of having a healthy plant. But above all, it will be essential to check that the center of the pineapple’s “duster” has not been pulled out or even burned before export.


Indeed, one can indeed find in the traditional trade “burnt” pineapples so that the clump of greenery does not try to draw energy from the fruit to regenerate itself. Thus the producers are sure to guarantee to the gourmand a tasty fruit… While depriving the gardeners of a new experience!


Diseases in a pineapple

Cultivated indoors, we find the main diseases of indoor plants such as :

  • red spider mite, mealy bug, aphids but also powdery mildew


If the leaves fade or tarnish, it is because it lacks light.

If the leaves sag, the air is too dry or too hot. Restore moisture to the foliage, why not by spraying water on the leaves.

If the plant doesn’t grow much and the pineapple doesn’t get bigger, this is probably due to a lack of fertilizer.



Just keep the soil moist, no need to provide a pool for your pineapple.


Your pineapple will need water regularly for the first few weeks after repotting, water it daily for the first few weeks.


Then, during the season – from March to October, water twice a week. In winter, limit watering to once every ten days.

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