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11 Plants For A Mantle (Detailed List)


You love your plants but in winter, heating is your best friend. To not see your beautiful foliage suffer any more, choose plants, which like you, do not support the cold of the winter!


We present you 11 plants, perfect to put on your mantle.


Why put plants on your mantle?

Decorating your fireplace is not a decorative whim. By paying attention to it, and by taking care of the chimney space, you enhance it. Almost, you change the style of your living room. Always functional, or at rest, we tend to accumulate junk around our fireplace, mantle and inside and then forget about it.


Start by tidying up and sorting out the superfluous first. Then bring decorative items such as a mirror, a vase, photo frames, bouquets of flowers… By decorating it with appropriate plants, you will sublimate it. Here are 11 plants that are perfect for the situation:


11 plants to install on your mantle

1. Beaucarnea Recurvata

Beaucarnea Recurvata or to make it simpler “elephant’s foot” is a plant that belongs to the family of succulents, it does not tolerate the cold. At 14° F, its end is near, whereas from 20 degrees it is the apotheosis for it! With the aesthetics of a mini palm tree, it can remind you of summer during the winter period!


2. The Kalanchoe

The Kalanchoe is a pretty plant with small pink petals. In winter it is an ally for your heating, its preferred temperature is around 70°F.


3. The Hoya

The Hoya does not give importance to heat, it is a liana that forms drooping stems up to 1 meter long! Its delicate flowers seem to be made of porcelain.


4. The Thorn of Christ

The Thorn of Christ, an original name for a small thorny bush. In winter, the tips of the branches form pinkish-toned flowers and of course, the Christ’s thorn loves hot weather!


5. The Saintpaulia

The Saintpaulia is native to desert regions which gives it an extreme resistance to burning interiors!


6. La Sansevière

The well known Sansevière thrives even in the worst indoor conditions! At its best moments, it blooms like a spike and brings a sweet smell into the house.


7. The Guzmania

The Guzmania is a close relative of the pineapple, its yellow, red or bright orange flower brings color to your interior. It likes in hot and humid places because it likes to suck the humidity out of the rooms!


8. The Cactus

The Cactus has become a must as a decorative plant. Very resistant shrub it appreciates the dry heat as well as wet!


9. The Tillandsia

Tillandsia also called “the girl of the air” is considered the perfect plant! It can cling to any support and feeds on the humidity of the air. The heat does not frighten it!


10. The yucca

Yucca brings a touch of exoticism to the decoration. It is a desert plant, so it appreciates heat and dry air. 


11. Tamaya

Tamaya or Begonia bamboo is an ornamental plant with generous bloom. It appreciates the high temperatures, higher than 59 °F. Indoors, it likes very much!


Mantle plants malpractices

Some mistakes are to be absolutely avoided concerning the maintenance of indoor plants in winter. First of all that to place them right next to the heating or radiator! One avoids, because the leaves can catch fire… Moreover, the plant needs air and light. One will thus place them beside a window or a bay window.


One also avoids depriving fat plants of water: they have the right to drink, even during the winter! We will also take care to empty the water in the saucer of the pot: indeed, as in summer, a plant that soaks in water may rot!


What are the plants NOT to put near a mantle?

Some varieties of houseplants can’t stand the heat from radiators. It is therefore important to keep them as far away as possible to preserve them. Keep orchids, gardenias, ivy and Aglaonema away at all costs.


Our advice to take care of your house plants near a mantle

The essentials for your plants to flourish near your wood stove can be summed up in a few points. Make sure you give your plants the essential care they need:


  • luminosity: place the plants near the windows so that they benefit from a maximum of light, which is essential for photosynthesis.
  • constant temperature: plants don’t like too big temperature differences
  • watering: watering adapted to each plant, in sufficient and regular quantities
  • Avoid draughts!


Now there is no reason to deprive yourself of a plant near your stove. You have all the cards in hand to enjoy the gentle warmth of a Hase wood-burning stove, while preserving your plants!



The fireplaces, often plain, can appear rather dull and unoriginal. This is why dressing your mantle with plants can be an idea to bring freshness and originality to your fireplace. Depending on the style of decoration you choose for your interior, you can adapt the type of plants and the number of plants.


We explain everything on the subject in this article, as well as 11 plants, which you can install directly on your mantle, without any problem!

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