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7 Plants For An Atrium (Helpful Examples)


To bring a touch of greenery, an exotic, tropical or even exotic atmosphere and to make your homes more convivial, nothing better than indoor plants! Invite green power into your home! The ideal room?


Your atrium: a luminous space in which the needs of your plants and your decoration desires will be fulfilled! Strategically placed, they will create a sensation! So, which variety to adopt? Rather a graphic, discreet, voluminous, depolluting or original plant companion? We share with you the 7 perfect plants for your atrium!


7 plants for an atrium

1. A Ficus Lyrata

To make an impression in your atrium, welcome a Ficus Lyrata! This large green plant is actually a real indoor tree! It is a timeless plant which one finds in many houses. With its beautiful foliage, it dresses the space with elegance: a pretty decoration all in height! Place your Ficus Lyrata in a beautiful rattan or wicker basket next to your sofa.


2. A Kentia

Enhance the decoration of your living room with a Kentia! This indoor palm tree is ideal to bring an urban jungle atmosphere. Its exotic foliage makes it look like a vacation. Moreover, its graceful as well as slender appearance adds character to any environment and especially to a bright atrium! Voluminous and luxuriant, dedicate a special place to your Kentia, near a sieved bay window for example.


3. A Pachira

You wish to find an original green plant? Opt for a Pachira! Its remarkable braided trunk and star-shaped foliage will not go unnoticed! It will energize and set the tone of your atrium. Place this tropical tree near a bright window in a pretty natural wooden pot. In addition to brightening up your room, it is reputed to bring good luck and prosperity to your home!


4. A Strelitzia

Invite the jungle into your home! Adopt a Strelitzia to add an exotic and exotic atmosphere to your home. Nicknamed the Bird of Paradise, this magnificent decorative plant will make your room come alive with volume and elegance. Its large foliage similar to small banana leaves will decorate the space with presence. You can install it between your atrium and your dining room to subtly mark the separation of the rooms. 


5. A Scindapsus

Decorate your atrium with a depolluting and hanging house plant: a Scindapsus! Great trend, these varieties vegetate your interiors without cluttering up the space: perfect for small atriums! Put your Scindapsus in height and admire its cascade of greenery. Its green and white heart-shaped foliage will blend with a minimalist and pure decoration. It has real purifying benefits and will bring prosperity to its owners!


6. A Sedum Morganianum

For a modern and design atrium plant, choose a Sedum Morganianum! It is one of the most atypical plants that will make a sensation in your home! It presents a singular foliage of great beauty. Place it in a trendy ceramic pot on a coffee table and let it grow freely. You will be able to contemplate its cascade resembling a dense wavy green hair: an extraordinary variety!


7. A Hoya

Are you looking for a pretty indoor hanging plant that grows freely? Bet on a spectacular Hoya! Bring a breath of fresh air into your atrium with this plant with its bright green foliage! Place your companion on a shelf, a bookcase or a cupboard. Hanging in the air, it will gently descend to offer you a touch of nature of great beauty.


Which variety in my atrium?

The atrium and the living room are rooms where plants feel good! Indeed, this space is often bright and spacious, which makes it the ideal place to install hanging plants or large plants. Combine species to play on different heights.


In the atrium, you’ll fall for a Ficus Robusta or a Senecio Rowleyanus, plants that are very popular in this room and that sublimate it easily! If you have a television or an internet box in your atrium, you can place a depolluting plant next to it, it will absorb the waves.


A few tips

  • Open wide your atrium windows and patio doors as soon as the outside temperature exceeds 68°F ;
  • Renew the ambient air by opening the windows for 10 minutes. Since the purifying effect of depolluting plants has not been scientifically proven in real-life situations, they have only shown their depolluting capacity in a laboratory and under controlled environment*.
  • Cultivate the very large plants in plastic pots, which are easier to move than clay pots. Avoid the cachepot.
  • Maintenance is easier when plants are grouped together. However, separate them enough to prevent their leaves from becoming entangled. Let the air circulate between them, otherwise the leaves may become necrotic.



A plant is always a good idea to fine-tune the decoration of an atrium. But don’t forget that it is not a simple antique object. Before choosing the one that will blossom best, ask yourself a few questions. Is your atrium bright enough?. Think of choosing a plant that doesn’t need a lot of humidity, it’s better to reserve these varieties for a kitchen or a bathroom. 


Elegant, design, exuberant, small, discreet …: there is necessarily one (or more) that suits your decor and your state of mind! A tall slender one on the floor next to the sofa? A cute little one on the bookcase? Choose the ones that will be able to fully exist without invading you.

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