Planting Zantedeschia Bulbs (Indoor & Outdoor Guide)


Zantedeschia is a plant of any beauty which is decorated in summer with its most beautiful flowers.

Also used in plant of inside, it is rather easy of maintenance and blooms from year to year in outside as in inside.


Planting of zantedeschia bulbs

The bulbs of Zantedeschia are planted in early spring at a depth of 2 inches, from March to May.

  • Respect a distance of about 14 – 18 inches between each bulb because the Zantedeschia has large leaves and needs space.
  • Choose a sunny but not burning place.
  • Beware of too dry soil because the Zantedeschia needs a cool and moist soil.


Zantedeschia in pot

A potted Zantedeschia can be planted as long as it is of sufficient size.


Pruning, maintenance of the Zantedeschia

  • Cut short at the first frost.
  • Do not cut before the leaves are completely yellowed, as this is when they build up their reserves for the next bloom.

For a spectacular bloom, add special bulb fertilizer.


Zantedeschia in pot, how to maintain it

Once the foliage is completely wilted, you can cut the leaves as short as possible.

  • Take the bulb out of its pot, taking care to clean it lightly from the surrounding soil.
  • Install it for the winter in a cool place but where it does not freeze during the whole winter.
  • This place must also be dry and without light, a small pierced shoe box for example.
  • In March, you can take out your bulb and replant it in new soil.
  • Then resume watering when the soil is dry and your zantedeschia will bloom again.


You can do the same operation without taking the bulb out of its pot but the potting soil will have to be renewed every 2 years or so.


Watering of Zantedeschia bulbs

Watering the Zantedeschia outdoors

You can grow your Zantedeschia outdoors as long as you observe a dormant period of at least 2 months per year without any water supply.


Water little at the beginning and then regularly as soon as the flowers appear, until the end of the flowering period.

The zantedeschia grows very well at the edge of a pond which reveals its great needs in water.

But attention, one speaks about semi-aquatic plant, because it needs a period without water of at least 2 months, in general during the summer season.


Watering the Zantedeschia indoors

You can grow your Zantedeschia in pots and indoors as long as you observe a dormant period of at least 2 months per year without any water supply.

  • After flowering, reduce watering until leaves turn yellow.
  • Once the leaves have wilted, stop all water supply.
  • Gently resume watering at least 2 months later.


Planting and multiplication

The best time to plant the dry rhizome is autumn. Bury the rhizome deep enough: at least under 2 inches in a pot, and 4 inches in the ground (the plant will resist better to the winter cold).


Propagation is easily done by dividing the stump, taking out the shoots in spring or fall. Sowing is also possible, although less easy: sow the seeds on the surface of a wet and warm (77°F) soil and expose to light. Count 1 to 3 months before germination.


Protect the Zantedeschia in winter

The Zantedeschia resists rather well to the coolness of the winter.

In the regions located further north, protect the rhizomes by putting a good layer of mulch.


As mulch, you can use dried leaves, hemp or flax chaff or ferns.


Tip: Before winter, take some of the rhizome and pot it in your house and you will have zantedeschia in winter.



This bulbous perennial is native to South Africa and not Ethiopia as its Latin name indicates.


It grows naturally in swampy areas that are very wet in rainy periods and dry in winter.


Particularly exotic, it is perfectly adapted to wet areas such as ponds but will also be the perfect plant for your beds, borders or in isolated clumps.

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